17 Best Vanilla Perfumes That Smell INCREDIBLE

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is vanilla the most attractive scent?

Vanilla is one of the most desirable and popular scents when it comes to perfumes. But vanilla fragrances are not all created equal. While many vanilla scents can be juvenile (hello Bath And Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar), there are tons of sophisticated, intoxicating and grown-up vanilla perfumes. So if you love vanilla scents, but don’t want to smell sickeningly sweet, check out these best Vanilla perfumes.

Vanilla scented fragrances have always been popular among teens. The overly sweet sugar fragrances have given vanilla perfumes a bad rep. These grown up vanilla perfumes are warm, inviting, creamy, spicy, floral and so much more than a warm sugar cookie fragrance.

What Is The Best Vanilla Perfume?

best vanilla perfume for women

Wondering “how can I smell like vanilla all day?” These best vanilla perfumes are perfect for those that love creamy, warm, sweet, spicy and gourmand fragrances. There are vanilla scented fragrances in here that will suit everyone, even the men in your life. Here’s the best vanilla perfumes on the market!

Best Vanilla Perfume 2021

Kayali Vanilla 28

If there was such a thing as a grown up version of B&BW Warm Vanilla Sugar, this would be it. This creamy vanilla scented perfume smells a lot like vanilla extract, so it’s a pure vanilla scent and not artificial. Designed to be layered, this Kayali fragrance can be paired with other vanilla fragrances to add more depth and sweetness, but it also delicious enough to wear on its own. This had quickly become my daily perfume and get compliments on it all the time. It’s a soft vanilla perfume that’s the perfect balance of creaminess and sweetness.

Skylar Vanilla Sky

This ultra-creamy vanilla perfume is comfort in a bottle that will instantly give you cozy, fall feels. It’s a rich vanilla scent that’s not too sweet, thanks to the hint of cappuccino and caramelized cedar. This classic gourmand fragrance is sweet, creamy and warm and lasts all day. One of the best vanilla perfumes for ladies if you’re looking for more of a classic vanilla scent.

The 7 Virtues Vanilla Woods

A delicious smelling caramel fragrance with hints of creamy vanilla and pear. One of the most edible perfumes I’ve ever smelled (in a good way). This clean vanilla fragrance is definitely more on the sweet side, but the pear gives it a little tartness that keeps it from being cloyingly sweet.

Juliette Has A Gun Vanilla Vibes

This beachy, coconut vanilla perfume is perfect for summer. With coconut, vanilla and sea salt, you’ll instantly be transported to a tropical beach getaway once you spray this delicious perfume. It’s a delicate scent, so if you prefer a subtle fragrance, this one is perfect for you. With its creamy coconut and sea salt notes, it’s the best vanilla perfume for summer.

Atelier Vanilla Insensee Pure Perfume

A spicy vanilla fragrance with Madagascar vanilla beans gives this a pure vanilla scent that’s not artificially sweet. A hint of lime adds depth and tartness to this perfume, while coriander adds a delicious spice. This perfume is more spicy and woodsy than sweet, so if you want a more androgynous scent, this one is perfect. And because of that’s, it’s one of the best vanilla perfumes for men. The scent is strong and powerful and lasts for ages.

best creamy vanilla perfume

Commodity Gold

Commodity Gold is hands down my favorite vanilla perfume. With one of the most unique scents, it’s captivating, addicting, warm and inviting. A sophisticated, sexy scent that’s like a high-end sugar cookie, if that were a thing. Not only is the smell impressive, but so is the lasting power. It’s the longest-wearing perfume I’ve ever worn and the scent stays strong the entire time.

Heretic Dirty Vanilla

This dirty vanilla perfume is exactly what it sounds like: sexy, musky, sensual with a hint of sweetness from the vanilla. Coriander adds some spice to a traditional creamy vanilla scent, while sandalwood adds depth and more creaminess. Similar to Atelier’s vanilla, this is more of a unisex scent that’s more spicy and woodsy than sweet, but still delicious, nonetheless.

Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille

I was skeptical about this perfume because of the tobacco, but the rave reviews made e finally breakdown and give it a try. The tobacco is pretty strong when you first apply it, giving it a musky/spicy smell more than anything. Once it dries down, the vanilla comes out and adds a sweet creaminess. It’s an incredibly unique vanilla fragrance that’s strong and powerful. Seriously, it’s easy to over do it with this one! It’s cozy, warm and the perfect vanilla perfume for fall and winter.

Floral Street Wild Vanilla Orchid

If you’re looking for a floral vanilla fragrance, this one’s for you. Even with the floral and citrus notes, the vanilla stands out in this fragrance, so it’s more of a vanilla scent with hints of florals and citrus. It’s sweet but not overly so. Bamboo and sandalwood help to mellow out the sweetness in this perfume, giving it a slightly woodsy finish that’s the perfect mix between creamy, sweet and spicy.

Maison Margiela Replica By The Fireplace

Coziness in a bottle. If you want to be transported to sitting in front of a fireplace on a chilly winter night with sugar cookies baking in the oven, this vanilla perfume is for you. When you first apply this scent, the clove and chestnut overpower the vanilla, but once it dries down, it’s the perfect mix of creaminess, sweetness and spice. Very similar to B&BW Marshmallow Fireside, but much better. Romantic, cozy, warm and inviting, it’s my go-to fall and winter vanilla perfume. Looking for a long-lasting vanilla perfume for colder months? This one you just cannot pass up!

Tom Ford Vanille Fatale

The Vanille Fatale is very similar to Tom Ford’s Tobacco Vanille, but is slightly creamier and sweeter. This one reminds me more of By The Fireplace with its creamy vanilla base and spicy undertones. Although Tom Ford’s fragrances are pricey, once you smell them, you’ll know why. Strong and long-lasting scents are a part of the reason they are so popular.

The 7 Virtues Santal Vanille

The sandalwood in this perfume is most noticeable, followed by just a hint of coconut and creamy vanilla. This one is more of a woodsy/spicy scent than sweet and can even be used as a unisex fragrance. The longevity of this perfume is amazing, to say the least and it’s a strong fragrance, so it’s easy to go overboard with this one. The 7 Virtues is a great clean fragrance brand that uses essential oils, which is why their fragrances produce a strong and long lasting scent.

Nest New York Madagascar Vanilla Perfume Oil

If you’re wanting a prominent vanilla scent, the Nest Madagascar Perfume Oil is just that. The creamy vanilla bean stands out against a hint of coconut and vanilla orchid, creating a perfectly balanced vanilla that’s warm and creamy without being too sweet. Formulated with baobab oil, it carries this fragrance while melting into your skin for a scent that’s long lasting and strong. Hands down the best vanilla perfume oil.

Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium

This is a cult-favorite vanilla fragrance for a reason. Seductive, sweet, spicy, sensual and warm. With a creamy, vanilla coffee base, complimented with a hint of pear, white flower and licorice give this perfume a feminine depth that’s slightly spicy. Black Opium is one of the best vanilla perfumes you can wear year round. The scent lasts all day without fading. It’s one of the best vanilla perfumes at Ulta!

Serge Lutens Un Bois Vanille Eau de Parfum

This deliciously warm vanilla perfume features Mexican black vanilla that smells like creme brûlée. It’s more of a rich vanilla with hints of sugar and amber. It has hints of spice which help tone down the sweetness in this perfume. It’s supposed to have hints of coconut, but I do not smell it. To me, it’s a classic warm vanilla fragrance that’s cozy and perfect for fall and winter.

Aerin Beauty Tangier Vanille

A sophisticated vanilla fragrance that’s cozy and anything but ordinary. Creamy vanilla, amber and sandalwood are the top notes in this perfume, with hints of rose and bergamot, finished off with a delicious musk. Tangier Vanille is one of the best vanilla perfumes for women who are wanting a grown-up, mature vanilla fragrance.

Guerlain Spiritueuse Double Vanille

This boozy, somewhat spicy vanilla is the best fragrance for those looking for a grown-up vanilla perfume. Rum and a dark vanilla give this fragrance a warm, inviting base. Pink pepper adds a slight spice. After wearing this one for a few minutes, the floral notes will come out, making it a great feminine Vanilla perfume.

Best Vanilla Perfumes: Wrap Up

best warm vanilla scented perfumes

These best vanilla perfumes are sophisticated, delicious and sweet, without being juvenile. A good vanilla fragrance is something everyone should have in the arsenal! Not only is vanilla one of the most popular fragrances, but vanilla scents can also help relax you.

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