Hey, I’m Elizabeth

Here you’ll find skincare tips backed by science, with none of the confusing scientific jargon. My goal is to help you get skin you feel comfortable in. The skin of your dreams!

I’m a scientist and a pro at breaking down scientific literature and explaining it in a way you can actually understand. This blog is where skincare meets science.

my expertise

What makes me qualified to give skincare advice?

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and Microbiology which means I know ingredients, how to read skincare labels, and know the in’s and out’s of the skin’s biology. I spent my college years reading scientific studies and textbooks and I’m a self-proclaimed pro at dissecting all that scientific jargon and explaining it in a way that’s easy to understand.

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Paris, of course!



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my puppies

Where this all began

I had struggled with my skin from my teenage years all the way into my twenties, trying everything under the sun to get that clear, healthy skin that I had always wanted.

Throughout those years, I spent countless hours doing my own research on skincare ingredients, the latest research on acne treatments and so much more.

And that’s where this blog was born. My goal is to share with you science-backed skincare advice that actually works. I’m demystifying skincare in hope to help you with you skin troubles, whether it’s acne or rosacea.