30+ Elegant Almond Nail Designs To Try This Year

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There’s just something about having your nails done that makes you feel so confident and put together! While there are so many fun trendy nails, a classic is always the almond shaped nail. Elegant, classy and can be done whether you like long or short nails! Here are some elegant and classy almond nail ideas to try out this year!

Classy Almond Nail Designs

1. Tie Die Nails

These gorgeous tie die nails are perfect for spring and summer! They’re bright, fun and colorful but still look gorgeous and elegant thanks to the almond nail shape!

2. Nude Nails With Glitter Leaf Accents

There’s something about nude nails paired with an almond nail shape – so pretty! The metallic glitter leaf accents add a little extra pizazz to these classic nude almond nails!

3. Deep Red With Gold Glitter Accents

Is this not the perfect holiday nail? The gorgeous deep red looks stunning with the gold glitter accents! The angled tip adds a little extra uniqueness instead of the classic french tips.

5. Abstract Black and Silver Nails

These black and silver nails would be perfect for New Years, but also look great year round. The abstract lines are so popular right now and look so elegant and classy on these almond nails.

6. Black French Manicure

French manicure on almond shaped nails are probably one of the prettiest nail designs ever. These black tips are unique but still so classy and elegant looking.

7. Milky White Almond Nails

Who doesn’t love a good nude? This milky white color is absolutely stunning paired with a long almond shaped nail! You could also do these with short almond nails and it would still look gorgeous! The color is perfect for year round!

8. Nude Pink With Chunky Glitter

A pink nude color paired with chunky iridescent glitter – so pretty!

9. Black With Animal Print Accent Nail

Animal print is so trendy right now – but if all animal print nails are too bold for you, an accent nail like this is perfect! The black keeps them elegant looking but still fun with the nude cheetah print!

10. Blue Grey Almond Nails

A perfect neutral that’s perfect for spring, summer, fall and winter! Seriously one of the prettiest colors I’ve ever seen! It would look great on light or dark skin tones.

11. Black & White Heart Nails With French Manicure

A super fun black and white mani that has lots of fun designs like an almond french tip, hearts and abstract lines – all of which are so trendy right now!

12. Nude Nails With White Stars

If you find nude nails a little boring, these are perfect for you! Add a little pizazz with white stars and gold dots to spruce up a nude almond nail mani.

13. Green & Nude Nails

The perfect shades of green for summer and fall! Mixed with nudes and french mani accent nails, this mani is so unique and fun, yet classy and elegant.

14. Nude And Gold Glitter

This pretty brown nude pairs perfectly with gold glitter! This would be a perfect mani for New Year’s or even fall!

15. Nude Ombre Nails

If you’re like me and can never choose between what nude nail color polish you want, just go for an ombre mani so you can have all 5 of those gorgeous nude nail colors!

16. White French Ombre Nails

french ombre almond nails

A gorgeous take on a classic – an ombre mani that looks so beautiful, elegant and classy!

16. Black French Tips With Abstract Accent Nail

black french tips with almond shaped nails

There’s something about black french tips that are so chic looking! Keep it fun and unique with abstract wavy lines for an accent nail.

16. White & Nude Abstract Nails

abstract white almond nails

Abstract nails are so trendy and popular and this is one of my favorite ones! The nude and white looks gorgeous together, but is still fun and classy!

18. Black & Nude Abstract Nails

abstract black and nude almond nails

Just like the white abstract nails, these black ones are so classy and perfect for the fall and winter months (or for when you’re feeling a little more edgy!).

19, Modern French Manicure Nails

modern french manicure almond nails

Spruce up a classic french manicure with this modern take! The angled tips and extra lines are so unique, fun and gorgeous!

20. Blue Grey Nails With Gold Accent

almond nails with a light blue grey polish and gold accents

Another gorgeous blue-grey pastel color that pairs perfectly with the gold accents!

21. Nude Cheetah Print Nails

nude and gold cheetah print nails almond shaped

Who doesn’t love a nude cheetah print?! You could even use this as an accent nail paired with black or nude polish on the rest of the nails if you want something a little more subtle.

22. Pink Marble Nails

How stunning are those pink marble nails?!

23. Abstract Blue & Nude Nails

Loving these colors together! The muted pink, cream and baby blues are perfect for spring and summer.

24. Purple Ombre Nails

Purple has got to be one of my fav colors and these ombre purple nails are absolutely stunning! The colors blend so well together and are perfect for fall and winter months.

25. Pink Nails With Glitter & Marble Accents

The muted and baby pinks are beautiful paired together, plus the glitter and marble accents take this mani up a notch.

26. Purple Ombre Nails

Told y’all I love purple ombre nails! This matte version is so stunning!

27. Pink With Gold Marble Accents

This marble mani is perfect for spring and summer – a white, milky pink and gold accents are gorgeous!

28. Milky Pink With Silver Waves

This color is the perfect neutral pink but the abstract silver lines make it so fun and unique! The almond shape keeps the look classy and elegant, without being too juvenile.

29. Deep Nudes With Rose Gold Accents

Pinks and rose gold. Need I say more?!

30. Black & White

These super fun black and white nails are so classy and gorgeous!

31. Nude & Green Marble

32. Black French Tips With Jewels

33. Purple Ombre With Rose Gold Accents

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