Hi, I’m Brittany!

Welcome to The Blushing Bliss! I am so glad you’re here. This is where I share my love and knowledge for all things skincare. And as someone who used to struggle with their skin, I want to share all I’ve learned to help you improve your skin, too!

My goal is to make skincare simple. Because you really don’t need a 10-step routine, a closet full of skincare products that you never use or the most expensive serums to get good skin.

Skincare doesn’t have to be confusing! Leave the scientific jargon to me. I promise, I’ll make skincare interesting, fun an easy!

Take a look around for skincare review, ingredient 101 and skincare tips to get your best skin ever!

Where you can find me!

You can find me drinking multiple cups of coffee, reading the latest thriller drop and snuggling with my pomeranian.