Benefits Of Body Butter: Surprising Facts You Need To Know

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what are the benefits of body butters

When it comes to skin care for the body, lotion is often the go-to choice. However, body butter can be even better, especially for those with dry skin types. Body butter can have some amazing benefits, but there are some that you wouldn’t normally think of. Here are some benefits of body butter that you didn’t know.

What Is Body Butter?

A body butter is a type of moisturizer that is applied to the skin in order to hydrate and protect it. Body butters typically contain a variety of natural ingredients, such as shea butter, cocoa butter, and jojoba oil. They typically are designed to moisturize the skin and help it retain a natural moisture barrier.

Body butters are the thickest of all body moisturizers, which means they’re super moisturizing and nourishing. Plants and oils make up the majority of their ingredients, as well as naturally occurring fats known as butters like shea butter or cocoa butter.

They have a high concentration of oils and other moisturizing components, such as shea butter, that allow for deep, long-lasting hydration. Since they’re thicker than boty lotions, they create a protective barrier on the skin which can protect the skin from damage or irritants.

Body butter can be used on its own by applying it directly onto dry skin, or in conjunction with a serum or cream. Most body butter is made using a number of fatty acids as the primary ingredients including cocoa butter, shea butter, avocado oil (commonly known as fruit oil), and jojoba oil which have been combined with other ingredients like essential oils.

Body butters are typically made using an emulsion base which is a type of concoction that involves the use of two fluids (usually oils and a watery liquid), mixed together to form a thick and creamy consistency.

Some body butters contain other ingredients such as shea butter extract, or extracts from other natural sources like natural high antioxidant fruit extracts like bilberry, or milk thistle extract. They may also contain moisturizers or emulsifiers like glycerin.

Benefits Of Body Butter

benefits of body butter

Wondering what are the benefits of body butter? There are a ton!

Heals Skin

Body butter helps to heal existing dry skin conditions. For example, if your elbows and hands get dry, you can apply body butter to these areas, and not only will they feel softer but they will also heal faster. Dry skin conditions are caused when the skin is depleted of oil or moisture.

And if you suffer from rough elbows or knees, body butter is one of the best things you can use to smooth and moisturizes these areas.

Body butters are not just for cosmetic use. They are also great for treating sunburns and other types of burns that can occur due to prolonged exposure to the sun. If you are a farmer or someone who works outside in the elements, then you can use this type of cream to help treat any burns that you may receive. They will provide relief and comfort because they moisturize the skin.

Moisturizes Cuticles

Body butter is great to use on cuticles to keep them moisturized and prevent hangnails. You can apply it before you go to bed at night and wake up with softer, more manageable cuticles.

Hand Cream

Body butter can also be used as a hand cream to keep your hands moisturized. It is especially helpful during the winter months when the air is dry and can cause your skin to become dry and cracked. Just apply a small amount to your hands after you wash them and rub it in until it is absorbed. You can also use a body butter on your hands at night and you’ll wake up with softer hands!

Softens Calloused Skin

If you have callouses on your feet or even hands, you can use body butter to help soften them. Just apply it to the areas that are calloused and rub it in until it is absorbed. You can also put on a pair of socks after applying the body butter to help lock in the moisture.

Glowing Skin

Does body butter make skin glow? Absolutely! Thanks to the high concentrations of butters and oils in body butters, they’ll provide a nice glow and sheen to the skin. Which makes your skin look healthy and radiant.

Long Lasting Moisture

Body butter will leave the skin feeling moisturized for long periods. They are often referred to as deep moisturizers’ because they penetrate deeper into the skin than some other types of moisturizers on the market today. They will not just coat the surface layer of dry skin but can penetrate down to where most dry patches have formed and deliver a much deeper level of moisture, while it also keeps your skin hydrated throughout the day and into the night.

Fixes Cracked Skin

Body butters can help to soothe dry cracked skin on your feet and hands. Dry cracked skin can be caused when the skin is dry and lacks essential oils. An all-natural moisturizer like body butter will work to replenish these lost oils that moisturize and protect the skin. The ingredients that are used in body butter are often found in several different products besides body butter and lotions, for instance, vitamin E oil, vitamin A cream, aloe vera gel, oatmeal powder or ground almond powder or ground almonds itself is a type of moisturizer.

Moisturizes Skin

Body butters can also be used to help heal existing dry skin conditions in older adults and people with sensitive skin. This is an excellent product to have on hand if you are planning to take a vacation somewhere warm, or if you suffer from dry skin. If you have ever had a severe sunburn, or if your skin has ever been severely damaged due to prolonged exposure to the sun, it will be fine and dandy as long as you use body butter. This kind of moisturizer can also be used on babies that have sensitive skin,.

Can Help Stretch Marks

Body butter can be used to help prevent and reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Stretch marks are caused when the skin is stretched too much and keeping skin moisturized is key to preventing them in the first place.

Moisturizes Lips

Yes you can use body butter on your lips too! Just apply a small amount to your lips and rub it in until it is absorbed. This will help to keep your lips moisturized and prevent them from becoming dry and cracked. You can also use a lip balm or chapstick over top of the body butter to lock in the moisture.

Deeply Nourishes Hair

Body butter can also be used as a deep conditioner for your hair. Just apply it to your hair and scalp and massage it in. Leave it on for at least 30 minutes or overnight for best results. Rinse it out with shampoo and conditioner as usual. Your hair will be left feeling soft, silky, and healthy!

Removes Stubborn Makeup

If you have stubborn makeup that just won’t come off, try using body butter. Just apply a small amount to a cotton ball and rub it over your makeup. The oils in the body butter will break down the makeup and allow you to easily wipe it away. You can also use body butter to remove tough eye makeup, like waterproof mascara. It kind of acts like an oil cleanser or balm.

Benefits Of Body Butter – Ingredients

Now we’ll take a look at some of the most common butters used in body butters. Each butter has its own unique benefits so this will help you pick out the right body butter for your skin and needs.

Shea Butter

Shea butter has tons of benefits! Shea butter is made from the seeds of the African shea tree. It is a thick, creamy butter that is yellow in color. Shea butter has been used for centuries to moisturize and protect the skin. It is extremely nourishing and can help to heal dry, cracked skin. It’s rich in fatty acids which help to moisturize and soothe the skin while strengthening the skin barrier.

Cocoa Butter

Cocoa butter is made from the beans of the cocoa tree. It is a thick, creamy butter that’s slightly yellow in color. Cocoa butter is an excellent moisturizer and can help to heal dry , cracked skin. It’s high in antioxidants which help to protect the skin from free radical damage which can lead to signs of aging and other skin issues.

It’s rich in vitamins like vitamin k and vitamin e which soothe and protect the skin.

Mango Seed Butter

Mango seed butter is made from the seeds of the mango fruit. It is a white, creamy butter that has a mild, sweet scent. Mango seed butter is an excellent moisturizer and can help to heal dry, cracked skin. It’s rich in Vitamin A and C which can help to brighten skin tone and fade discolorations while protecting the skin from environmental damage.

Kokum Butter

Kokum butter is made from the seeds of the kokum fruit. It is a white, creamy butter that has a mild, nutty scent. Kokum butter is an excellent moisturizer and can help to heal dry, cracked skin. It is also known to reduce inflammation, soothe irritated skin, and calm skin conditions like eczema.

Body Butter FAQ’s

How often should I use body butter?

You can use body butter daily. In fact, it’s best to use them daily! Keeping skin moisturized is the best way to keep your skin and skin barrier healthy.

Can body butter be used on face?

Body butter can be used on your face, just like a regular face moisturizer. Do keep in mind that since body butters are so thick, this can lead to clogged pores if you use it on oily or acne-prone skin.

Also keep in mind that many body butters may contain pore clogging or irritating ingredients. So although you can use body butter on your face, you may want to be careful if you’re acne prone.

Is body butter good for your face? Depending on the formula, it can be! Though most body butters contain irritating ingredients like fragrance and can irritate the skin on your face because it’s more sensitive.

Can body butter be used daily?

Yes, body butter can be used daily! In fact, we recommend it.

Body Butter Benefits Wrap Up

Did you know about all these amazing benefits of body butter? Body butter is a great way to keep your skin healthy and hydrated. It can be used daily and is great for moisturizing cracked skin and keeping skin healthy and happy!

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