23+ Eye-catching Bright Summer Nails For

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Looking for bright summer nails or bright nail designs? We’ve complied the ultimate list of nail ideas for summer this year.

Oh man, it’s finally summertime! The sun is out, the days are long, and the temperature is perfect. And what better way to celebrate than with some bright and eye-catching nails? Whether you’re hitting the beach or just relaxing at home, these 23+ ideas for bright summer nails will make your nails stand out in all the right ways. So get ready to soak up some summer sun – and style! 🙂

Bright Summer Nails: Nail Design Ideas & Nail Colors For Summer

1. Bright Pink Summer Nails

This color is absolutely stunning, isn’t it?? I don’t know about you but bright pink nails for summer are some of my favorites. It’s Essie’s ‘Cascade Cool.’ Essie describes it as a creamy, sweet pink which is the perfect description!

2. Abstract Bright Summer Nails

These colors are so fun and scream summertime! Mint, bright pink and coral with a few pops of white make this one of the prettiest bright summer nails.

3. Purple Flower Nails

How pretty are these floral accents? The purple is such a gorgeous color and the white accent nails keep this a bright and fun mani. You can even play around with the flower colors. Bright orange or yellow would look so pretty against the purple.

4. A Creamy Pink Purple

This creamy pink-purple color is a part of Essie’s moovin’ and groovin’ collection. This is the Run Wildflower color which is the perfect name for this polish!

5. Abstract Bright Summer Nails

These abstract shapes in bright colors on a nude nail looks so cute and unique! You could even do all the shapes one single color or mix and match like these.

6. Bright Ombre Nails

bright summer nails pink

Ombre nails are so trendy right now and these are the perfect ombre bright summer nails. From super bright coral, fading to hot pink and a creamy orange – the perfect nails for a fun tropical vacay.

7. Retro Nails

bright summer nails orange

Retro nails are so on trend and these pink and orange nails are so so pretty. The creamy orange reminds me of a creamsicle! Plus the pink, white and orange retro waves add a little extra sass to this mani.

8. Retro Nails

Pink and orange are the ultimate summer nail combo! I love that this one adds a really soft peach and a touch of white on the outline of the abstract shapes.

9. Lemon Nails

These are probably the most perfect bright summer nail to ever exist. The perfect bright pink paired with a neon yellow lemon is so cute and just screams summer.

10. Rainbow Stripes

bright summer nails short

If you want a more subtle nail for summer, these are perfect! A more modern take on a french manicure – these have an angled tip with rainbow stripes. The colors are a little softer so it’s perfect for those wanting something that’s not too bright but still fun and perfect for summer.

11. Rainbow Dots

cute summer nails

These are so unique and fun! I love the bright dots outlining the nails, plus the little rhinestones add a glamorous touch!

12. Pink & Orange Nails

These mix and match pink and orange nails are so pretty! You can totally change these up however you want. I personally love the flower accent and ombre nails!

13. Bright Summer Nails

I love these two colors together! These types of manis are perfect for when you just can’t decide which color to get!

14. Pink & Yellow Nails

Hot pink nails with retro neon yellow accents – these are bright, fun and totally unique! You can also change up the colors on these. Pink and blue would also be super cute together.

15. Coral & Pink Nails

bright summer nails acrylic

These are more subtle, but still bright and fun! I love this creamy pink paired with a coral accent nail.

16. Hot Pink Nails

bright summer nails coffin

Wanting a simple bright nail color for summer? You can’t go wrong with hot pink! This one looks great on all skin tones but will seriously make your tan skin pop!

17. Pink Ombre Nails

summer nail art

Who doesn’t love a good ombre nail? The hot pink keeps things bright and colorful, but they fade into soft pastel pinks.

18. Colorful French Tips

summer nail designs

There’s nothing like a french tip on an almond shaped nail! I love the different colors used and adds a little extra touch to a classic french manicure.

19. Ombre & Half Moon nails

summer nail colors

The ombre nails are fun and pretty, while the nude accent nail keeps this mani pretty subtle but still fun. I love the half moon accent on this one!

20. Baby Pink

bright summer nails acrylic

Pink lovers, these are the perfect nail for you! It’s almost like a bubblegum pink polish. It’s more subtle than a hot pink nail polish, so this is perfect for those wanting a more muted mani but still bright and colorful.

21. Bright French Tips

bright summer nails ideas

The soft pink base and a super bright magenta french tip are so so fun! It’s definitely a new take on a classic nail. Plus the lightening bolt accents are so adorable and fun!

22. Mint & Coral Nails

bright summer nails short

The ultimate summer color combo! These colors are so pretty together and the designs look great on these long nails but you could totally rock these on short nails as well!

23. French Ombre Nail

bright summer nails long

These are so pretty and certainly unique! Not your typical bright summer nail, but they’re definitely bright and fun!

24. Abstract Beachy Nails

neon summer nail ideas

Something about these nails just scream beach vacation to me! The nail art on the pinky totally reminds me of a sea shell. Not to mention that these bright nail colors will look SO GOOD on that freshly tanned skin.

25. Barbie & Hot Pink Nails

bright summer nails almond

Negative space manis are having a moment and I am here for it! These abstract shapes look so cute paired with the sheer white base. These are a little more subdued compared to some of these other vibrant nails, so they’re perfect for those wanting something a little less bright.

26. Barbie Pink Flowers

bright summer nails pink

You can’t go wrong with a bright Barbie pink nail color during the summer months! I love the flower nail art with the clear base! It adds such a nice touch and looks so cute for summer.

27. Vibrant Half Circles

retro summer nail ideas

Could these nails get any cuter!? These colors totally remind me of the 70’s! They’re so fun and vibrant and can easily be done yourself at home with a few stickers to get that perfect half circle shape.

28. Retro Nails

bright summer nails orange

Retro nails are so trendy and these bright summer nails with retro flowers and waves are no different@ I love all these colors paired together and thanks to the nude base color, they don’t look too over the top.

29. Watercolor Nails

cute bright summer nails

These watercolor nails are so unique and I love the creamy pink, white and purple paired together!

30. Candy Pink Nails

short bright summer nails

I am loving these bright pink nails! The water color shapes are so beautiful, plus that gorgeous gold foil accent – the pink and gold look perfect together!

31. Abstract Waves

simple summer nails

I am loving this gorgeous magenta color paried with a baby pink and creamy sheer white base. These can totally be done at home as well!

32. Retro Pink & Yellow Nails

bright summer nails coffin

The abstract waves on these almost look like a french tip nail which is super unique and fun! Plus those flowers are so cute and that neon yellow looks so good paired with the other colors.

33. Rainbow Stripes

bright summer nails

I love that these strips are all different – it makes these nails so unique and fun! The colors are beautiful together and you can really get creative with the colors you use and easily do these at home.

34. Fruit Nails

bright summer nails almond

How fun are these half fruit nails? You can change up the fruits you use but these are so cute! Plus what screams summer more than fresh, yummy fruit! I for one eat fruit all summer long so of course I want fruit nails too!

35. Bright Blue Nails

summer nails short

Blue has to be my favorite color so i’m totally obsessed with these nails especially for summer!

36. Flowers & Waves

short summer nails

Pink and blue go together so well and I love the wavy lines that look like french tips! So unique and fun for summer. Plus those adorable flowers take this mani up a notch.


bright summer nail ideas

When in doubt, always get flowers for summer nails! You cannot go wrong with any kind of floral or leaf nail art. You can also change up the colors of the flowers to make them even more vibrant. Neon yellow, white and hot pink with coral would look so good.

38. Sherbert Nails

summertime nails

Who doesn’t love sherbert during the hot summer months? These nails instantly reminded me of sherbert as soon as I saw them. And since french tips and retro nail art are so trendy right now I had to include these.

39. Matte Hot Pink With Gold Accents

bright summer nails short

If you ever grow tired of the hot pink mani, you can always switch it up a little with a little matte top coat!I love the gold accent plus a little extra pop of color with blue and purple!

40. Lemon Nails

bright summer nails almond

These adorable pastel yellow lemon nails are perfect for spring and summer! Who doesn’t love lemonade?!

41. Negative Space Nails

bright summer gel nails

There are no rules when it comes to nails and these are perfect for when you can’t decide what to do with your mani! A solid white on one hand plus some abstract shapes with negative space on the other – so cute!

42. Pastel Polka Dots

cute summer nails

If you want something a little more subtle, then try these gorgeous nude nails with pastel polka dots. So trendy and unique!

43. Pastel Flowers

bright summer nail designs

I love how these flowers are at the top, which makes them look like a french tip almost. The beautiful almond shapes makes these look so elegant and classy! You can always use brighter colors if you’d like for the flowers.

44. Pastel Stripes

cute summer nails

These are the most perfect beach or vacation nails! I love the pastel colors, they’re soft but still bright at the same time. Such a simple mani and can be done by yourself at home!

45. Rainbow Nails

neon summer nails

All the colors of the rainbow for these bright summer nails and they’re so cute! I love the hot pink and neon blue accents.

46. Pink & Coral Nails

bright summer nails pink

This gorgeous pastel pink is beautiful enough on its own, but paired with these beautiful coral, pink and gold watercolor nails?! Absolutely stunning!

So what are you waiting for? Get started on your summer nails with one of these bright and colorful nail ideas! Whether you’re going to the beach, hitting up a barbecue or just staying home, we have the perfect look for you.

These bright summer nails are perfect for all your summer vacations, beach trips and lake days!

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