25+ Cute Wallpapers For Girls That Are Free

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cute wallpapers for girls

Cute Wallpapers For Girls

Looking for some new, cute wallpapers for your phone or computer? We’ve got you covered! Check out our top 25 cute wallpapers for girls. From pretty florals, aesthetic images to inspiring quotes, there’s something for everyone. So grab your favorite (or two!) and enjoy some eye candy.

My motto is you can never have enough cute iPhone wallpapers! I have the biggest collection and look forward to changing up my wallpaper often. Whether I’m wanting a cute sister wallpaper for my siblings or an inspirational quote to motivate me, these wallpapers are perfect no matter your style or desire.

All these cute wallpapers are free to download and here’s how you can save these wallpapers to your phone, laptop or tablet/iPad.

On Mobile Devices:

Use one finger to hold down on the picture until a menu pops up and gives you the option to save the image.

On Desktops or Laptops:

Right-click the images and save and then you can email or airdrop the image to your phone.

Cute Wallpapers For Girls To Download Right Now

1. Tie Die Wallpaper

I love the colors in this tie die – it’s fun and colorful without being too bright. In my opinion, tie die never went out of style!

2. Cow Print Wallpaper

How cute is this wallpaper?? It’s so simple but adorable at the same time. It’s perfect for animal lovers and those that love animal prints but it’s more unique that the typical cheetah or leopard print.

3. Bobby Pins Wallpaper

I couldn’t resist putting this one on the list! It’s probably one of my top favorite wallpapers for girls. We can all understand the bobby pin struggle – am I right?? Plus the colors are so fun and bright!

4. Cute Cactus Wallpaper

There’s something about handdrawn, watercolor cacti that are just so dang adorable! This is such a great wallpaper for plant lovers.

5. Watercolor Flower Wallpaper

Nothing like this pretty floral blue and yellow flower wallpaper to brighten up your day and get your ready for spring and summer when the weather starts getting hot.

6. Cupcake Wallpaper

There’s nothing a cupcake can’t fix, right?? Cupcakes are my weakness so I had to include this one in this list of cute wallpapers for girls.

7. Watercolor Motivational Wallpaper

cute wallpapers for girls

Can you tell I like pink and watercolor? This one is so elegant, simple and pretty! It’s the perfect girly wallpaper. Plus a simple motivational quote to inspire.

8. Donut Wallpaper

Who doesn’t love donuts?! This wallpaper will make your mouth water every time you look at your phone!

9. Minimal Pastel Wallpaper

Wanting a cute, simple wallpaper for your phone? This one features abstract dots and shapes in pretty links, greens and yellows. The tiny designs keep this wallpaper simple yet fun at the same time.

10. Watercolor Cactus Wallpaper

Seriously how pretty are these cacti? I love this wallpaper for the summer months – it’s so bright and fun and just screams summertime.

11. Rainbow Inspirational Wallpaper

cute wallpapers for girls

I love a good motivational quote wallpaper and this one is simple and cute. I love the unique green color of the rainbow.

12. Paw Print Wallpaper

Who else is an animal lover?? Dogs are my favorite and this happens to be such a cute wallpaper for animal lovers!

13. Travel Wallpaper

This is the perfect wallpaper for those who love to travel or are suffering from a little wanderlust!

14. Halloween Bat Wallpaper

cute wallpaper for girls halloween

Seasonal wallpapers are some of my favorites! This halloween wallpaper features bats and stars but it’s still girly and cute thanks to the rainbows, pink and purples.

15. Donut Wallpaper

Who doesn’t love donuts? I love the purple color and the cute quote adds a nice touch to a simple wallpaper.

16. Starbucks Wallpaper

cute wallpapers for girls iphone

I live for my Starbucks! This is perfect for those starbucks or coffee obsessed. It’ll have you craving a latte all day every day!

17. Christmas Tree Wallpaper

How adorable is this Christmas tree wallpaper? I love the soft pink colors and cute christmas tree designs. It’s unique and different than most christmas iphone wallpapers.

18. Lemon Wallpaper

cute iphone wallpaper

This is another cute wallpaper for girls that’s perfect for those summer months! Every time I see this I think of a nice cold glass of lemonade.

19. Purple Donut Wallpaper

Can you tell I love donuts and purple?? This is another one of my favorites!

20. Girly Pink Wallpaper

cute wallpapers for girls

A moodboard wallpaper?! Yes please! I love the pink and gold colors plus girly touches like lashes and glitter! A little glitter never hurt anyone!

21. Mean Girls Wallpaper

I mean do I even need to say anything about this? It’s just perfection. That is all.

22. Spongebob Wallpaper

A little glam Spongebob never hurt anyone!

23. Yellow Motivational Wallpaper

This is a simple wallpaper but has a great quote to remind you to keep going! Even on those bad days, you can always look forward to tomorrow and know it will get better!

24. Nutella Wallpaper

wallpaper for girls phone

I love Nutella more than most people (can you tell I have a huge sweet tooth?). I love this nutella wallpaper and the little smiley face on the jar makes it even cuter!

25. Cute Hearts Wallpaper

wallpapers for girls

Simple and cute – pink hearts on a white background. Perfect for Valentine’s day or even to use for anniversaries when you’re feeling in love and sentimental.

26. Sunflower Wallpaper

cute wallpapers for girls ipad

Sunflowers are my absolute favorite flower so I had to include it on this list of cute wallpapers for girls! It reminds me of summer time and amazing memories.

27. Cute Inspirational Wallpaper

cute wallpapers for girls aesthetic

We all need this reminder! This one helps me believe I can do anything I set my mind to and is such a great reminder to have each time you look at your phone!

28. Pretty Floral Wallpaper

cool girl wallpapers for iphone

I love the colors in this wallpaper! So unique and fun. It’s perfect for spring and summer or you could even use it during the winter to brighten up those gloomy days.

29. Smiley Face Wallpaper

cute wallpapers for girls phone

A wallpaper that’ll make you smile every time you look at your phone! I love that this one is so bright and cheerful.

Cute Wallpapers For Girls

We hope you enjoyed these cute wallpapers for girls for your phone! They can help to motivate you, add a pop of color, or simply make your device look more fun. No matter what your style or mood is, there’s a wallpaper out there for you!

These Cute Wallpapers For Girls Are Free To Download For Phones, Laptops and Tablets

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