Fall Nails 2021: The Prettiest Colors & Designs

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Fall Nail Ideas 2021

Fall is my favorite season, and what better way to celebrate than will some super festive fall nails? From cozy and gorgeous neutrals, to deep and vampy reds and everything inbetween, this post has all the fall nail colors you’ll ever need! Not to mention the cute fall nail art designs that are trending this season.

Do you ever find it hard to pick out the right nail color for the season? Whether you’re at the nail salon or doing them yourself at home, you are guaranteed to find a color that catches your eyes for this fall season.

OPI is my absolute favorite nail polish brand! I typically use their dip powders at home, but their gel and regular polishes are so smooth and easy to apply. So if you’re wanting to find out what fall nail colors are in this year then keep on reading for the best list of fall nail colors and designs.

Here you’ll find everything from classic olive green to fun abstract nail designs and festive pumpkin and leaf nail art. Here’s all the inspiration you need for all your fall manicures.

Fall Nails: Fall Nail Colors & Designs For 2021

fall nails design ideas 2021

You can’t go wrong with a classic apple red or vampy wine inspired nails, but this fall season, there are new nail trends that are hitting the block and you’ll be sure to love these insanely festive and unique nail colors this fall!

Neutral Fall Nail Colors

If neutral nails are more your style, don’t worry because you can still be festive with these elegant fall nail colors!

1. OPI My Vampire Is Buff

A creamy white is a must-have is your nail polish collection, and the OPI Vampire Is My Buff is the perfect cream nail color to add. Wear it on its own for a subtle mani, or pair it with an accent plaid nail for a super festive look.

2. Essie Press Pause

This gorgeous blue-grey is a unique take on neutral nail colors. This stunning shade looks gorgeous by itself, but you could also pair it with some fun glitter, plaid or bronze accents to spice it up.

3. OPI Don’t Bossa Nova Me Around

OPI’s Don’t Bossa Nova Me Around is such a classic shade you can’t go wrong with fall through winter. This is a more pastel-neutral but still looks amazing for fall manis. Want to make this extra stunning? Try using it as an accent nail with a dark black or vampy shade on the other nails.

4. Essie Blanc

This milky white color is the perfect fall white nail polish. It’s bright and neutral without being over the top. A subtle milky while looks perfect on it’s own, but looks extra gorgeous paired with a burnt orange polish.

5. Sally Hansen Slate-r Girl

This gorgeous deep-blue grey will steal the show on your nails! It’s such a gorgeous nail color for fall that you can even wear into the winter months.

6. OPI Berlin There Done That

If you like OPI’s Don’t Bossa Nova Me Around, but want a slightly darker color, this one’s for you. A gorgeous purple-grey color that’s perfect on its own.

Pink & Purple Fall Nail Colors

Pinks and purples don’t have to be just for summer! These muted tones are stunning and will look absolutely amazing on light or dark skin this fall!

1. OPI Somewhere Over The Rainbow Mountain

This muted brown-pink shade would look absolutely stunning on fair skin tones.

2. Essie Lady Like

If muted colors aren’t your thing, this pretty pastel pink will do the trick. Classy and girly yet perfect for the autumn season ahead.

3. Sally Hansen Blushed Petal

Who doesn’t love a good rose gold? This would look amazing on darker skin tones! With the subtle shimmer, you can wear it to work and a night out on the town.

4. OPI O Suzi Mio

Who says purple isn’t a fall nail color?! This deep plum shade is a stunner!

5. OPI Lincoln Park After Dark

Of course it wouldn’t be a fall nail colors list without the classic Lincoln Park After Dark! This vampy amost-black-but-not-quite is such a classic staple in anyone’s nail polish arsenal. I’m known to rock this shade all fall and winter long!

Red & Orange Fall Nail Colors

The classic fall inspired nail colors are right on trend every single season! You can’t go wrong with red or orange nails during the fall and Thanksgiving seasons. Think candy apples and pumpkin spice inspired nails this fall.

1. Zoya Autumn

If sparkles are your jam, this copper shimmer nail polish shade is made just for you. This color would look so gorgeous as an accent nail paired with a matte burnt orange polish. And for Halloween, you can pair it with black for a fun and festive look.

2. OPI Yank My Doodle

You can’t go wrong with a burnt orange nail polish for fall! Not gonna lie, I have way too many of these burnt orange shades!

3. OPI Malaga Wine

OPI just has allll the classic colors! Malaga Wine is an absolute stunner fall through winter. The deep berry red shade looks good on all skin tones and it’s pretty enough to wear on it’s own for a simple and easy mani.

4. OPI I Love You Just Be-Cusco

This is more of a true deep red, making it perfect all the way through winter and Christmas.

5. Essie Cargo Cameo

This shimmery, pumpkin-y shade is perfect for all your fall nails! Simple and subtle enough to be paired on its own, but also would look great with browns, burnt oranges and blacks.

6. OPI Have Your Panettone and Eat It Too

This is like pumpkin-orange in a bottle, if that were a thing. If you want some cute pumpkin nail art, this is the color for that!

7. OPI Complimentary Wine

I know I keep saying it, but here’s another classic fall OPI nail polish color. Complimentary wine is a deep grape color that almost looks black. It’s such a gorgeous shade that will work for any skin tone.

8. Chanel Vibration

Could this berry polish be any prettier?! This is one of my absolute favorite fall nail polish shades. It’s such a one-of-a-kind shade and nothing I’ve tried has come close to matching this color.

9. OPI Suzi Needs a Loch-Smith

Looking for a Halloween nail color? This is it! Pair it with black for an extra festive mani.

10. Essie Rocky Rose

A slighty-burnt orange that’s perfect for those fall transition manis. This shade would look so pretty with some orange/copper glitter.

Blue & Green Fall Nail Colors

Gorgeous jewel toned blues and hunter greens are so in season this fall! Deep and denim blues look amazing on light or dark skin and hunter greens are so cute for fall.

1. Essie Go Overboard

Believe it or not, jewel tones are the best shades for fall nails and this teal nail color is no different! With a color this gorgeous, you don’t even need to pair it with an accent nail or glitter.

2. OPI Russian Navy

This deep navy color is stunning and such a versatile nail color that will work for all skin tones.

3. Essie Off Tropic

Can you say pretty?! This Emerald green is absolutely stunning and one of my all time favorite fall nail colors! I’m telling you, those jewel toned shades are just something else.

4. CND Denim Patch

Who doesn’t love a blue-grey denim nail shade for fall?! I am absolutely loving this color and it looks great on all skin tones.

5. Essie Caviar Bar

Another deep blue nail color, this one is almost black looking in certain lights, but it doesn’t make it any less pretty.

6. OPI Olive For Green

Looking for the perfect olive green nail polish for fall? Well here’s the perfect one. This OPI shade is perfect for all your fall manis and nail art designs.

7. OPI Things I’ve Seen In Aber-Green

A deeper, hunter green that’s a little more muted. If you prefer more neutral shades, you’ll love this muted green color by OPI.

Brown & Black Fall Nail Colors

A classic black, or brown inspired tones are insanely gorgeous and perfect for Thanksgiving nails! These beautiful brown fall nail colors are so festive yet elegant.

1. OPI Chocolate Mousse

2. OPI You Don’t Know Jaques

I won’t lie, I used to hate brown nails, but this OPI shade made my change my mind and see the beauty that is brown nail colors. This is more of a purple-brown, but it’s still gorgeous nonetheless.

3. OPI Shh..It’s Top Secret

If you’re looking for a true cocoa shade of nails, then this is the perfect color for you. A deep, rich cocoa brown looks so good on lighter skin tones and makes the prettiest fall nails color.

4. OPI Black Onyx

I never thought I would love black nails as much as I do. There’s something so classic about a black mani, especially in the fall and winter months. Plus, it makes a great Halloween nail color as well!

5. OPI Linger Over Coffee

This creamy brown shade is to die for, it reminds me of a delicious cup of coffee on a chilly fall day. The perfect creamy brown shade that’s not too light or too dark.

6. OPI That’s What Friend Are Thor

This deep, purple brown shade is another stunner and will make the perfect fall manicure! Simple and classy on its own, or it would make a great color to make an ombre nail or fall mood board nails.

Fall Nail Designs 2021

If you’re looking for fall nail designs and fall nail art ideas, these fun patterns and designs are exactly what you need for your fall manicures.

Animal Print Fall Nails

fall nail colors ideas

Nothing like a good animal print nail for the autumn season. The black against the animal print looks absolutely stunning!

Bronze Autumn Nails

fall nail colors ideas

How gorgeous are these bronze leaf nails for fall? The burnt copper color paired with the neutral background on the accent nails make the leaf design on these pop.

Mauve Fall Nails

fall nail colors for redheads

Mauve is the perfect color for those who like to have more color on their nails, as opposed to more muted and dark tones. And this is such a pretty shade!


& Brown Fall Nails With Plaid Accents

fall nail colors 2021

Not only do the brown and orange colors scream fall, but the plaid accent nail is so cute! It takes this mani from basic to super trendy and cute.

Burnt Orange Nails

fall nail colors 2021 opi

Who doesn’t love a good burnt orange nail color for fall? It’s such a classic fall nail color that you just can’t go wrong with.

Floral Fall Nails

fall acrylic nails

These are hands down my favorite fall nail idea! The blue and orange nail colors together are absolutely stunning and the pop of white behind the flowers give this mani a modern, French manicure feel, while still being perfect for autumn.

Nude With Animal Print Accent Nail

fall nails short

The nude color itself is gorgeous enough, but add in the rich brown accents and an animal print? You’ve got yourself a real stunner of a manicure.

Purple & White Stripes

fall nails colors

Am ombré striped take on a french manicure and a pop of glitter. What more could you want?!

Burnt Orange & Cheetah Print

fall nails with leaves

Such a gorgeous deep orange color that’s perfect for fall. And the muted/nude cheetah print accents pair perfectly with the orange nail color.

What Are Your Favorite Fall Nail Colors

Blue is my favorite color, so I’m partial to the blue fall nail colors, especially this season! I just ordered a bunch of new dip powders for this fall and I am so excited.

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