how often should you do a clay face mask?
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How Often Should You Do A Face Mask?

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Face masks are great to add to your regular skincare routine, but only if you are using them correctly. Like everything in skincare, face masks need to be used the right way in order for them to be beneficial. The biggest thing is how often should you do a face mask? Not to mention there are so many types of masks out there, it can be so confusing! How often should you do a clay mask? What about an exfoliating or hydrating mask? They all have different recommendations!

Whether it’s a DIY mask, clay mask, sheet mask or exfoliating mask, it needs to be used properly so you don’t end up doing harm to your skin. Let’s find out how often you should use a face mask based on your skin type and what type of mask you are using.

Are Face Masks Good For Your Skin?

is it bad to use face masks too often?

First, let’s chat about face masks! I love a good face mask. I probably have about 10 in my collection. And yes, they are all different! Plus, there’s nothing better than slapping on a face mask after a long day. I look forward to my face mask nights and making my skin glow.

There are so many different benefits from using regular face masks. Depending on the type, they can help with acne, large pores, oily skin, hydration, dark spots, etc. So, depending on the type of face mask, the benefits can include:

  • Smaller pores
  • Less oily skin
  • Smooth skin’s texture
  • Brighten
  • Even skin tone
  • Fade dark spots
  • Fight acne
  • Soothe skin
  • Hydrate

Face masks are really an instant way to boost your skincare, and have many different things that they can help with. So, if you’re not using face masks, you should start!

When To Use A Face Mask In Your Routine

Face masks are super simple to use, and most of them are pretty quick, too. All you need to do is make sure you wash your face before applying your face mask. Pat your face dry, apply your mask according to the directions on the package and that’s it!

Once you leave it on the the recommended time, all you need to do is rinse it off and follow your normal skincare routine. And please, if you use a clay or exfoliating mask, make sure you moisturize after!

How Long Should You Leave A Face Mask On For

This one is pretty easy, because generally, you just need to follow the directions on the mask. But, sometimes you need to take your skin into account and make sure you aren’t going to irritate your skin.

For example, clay masks are usually left on for 10-15 minutes. But, if you have very sensitive skin, you might leave it on for less time, maybe 5-10 minutes. Always be careful with clay/acne masks because they can suck all the oils and moisture out of your skin leaving it dry and dehydrated.

Hydrating masks can usually be left on longer, around 20-30 minutes. Sometimes when my skin is particularly dry, I will leave hydrating masks on for 45 minutes to 1 hour.

How Often Should You Use A Face Mask

how often should you do a sheet face mask

How often you need to use a face mask will completely depend on your skin type and the type of mask. Oftentimes, if you use more than one type of mask, you will be able to use them all in conjunction together throughout the week.

How Often Should You Do A Clay Face Mask?

Clay masks are great for all skin types and will unclog pores, reduce oil and can help with acne and anti-aging. However, since clay masks suck all the dirt and oil out of your pores, they can dry your skin out if they’re used too often.

You should only use clay masks once or twice a week, depending on your skin type. For most people, I recommend only once a week, and twice a week for only very oily/acne prone skin types.

Doing a clay mask too often will dry out your skin and can lead to irritation and even breakouts, so be careful with using clay masks.

Acne Masks

Face masks that target acne are usually clay masks with added ingredients like sulfur or benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. I put them in their own category because of this. These added ingredients are drying and can be irritating, but they’re great at fighting and treating acne.

Acne masks should be used only once a week, especially if you are using them in conjunction with other acne fighting products.

Check out my post on cystic acne if you’re suffering from painful breakouts!

How Often Should You Do A Face Sheet Mask?

Sheet masks are essentially a sheet soaked with essence that’s full of great skin-loving ingredients. You apply the sheet to your face and let your skin absorb all the essence. These are great for dry/dehydrated skin, but all skin types can use them.

Sheet masks usually have different properties for things like dryness, acne, large pores, brightening, etc. However, you do still need to make sure your sheet masks are formulated well and don’t have any harmful ingredients.

Sheet masks can be used anywhere from once a week to daily!

Exfoliating Masks

Exfoliating masks are perfect for getting instantly glowing skin. They have exfoliants in them that help shed dead skin cells that make your skin look dull. This also helps with acne because those dead skin cells won’t get stuck in your pores.

Exfoliating masks usually have a physical exfoliator (like microbeads, seeds, etc) or a chemical exfoliator (like BHA, AHA, enzymes, etc).

Exfoliating masks should be used once or twice a week, depending on your skin type and what other exfoliants you regularly use in your routine. If masks are your only form of exfoliation, you can use exfoliating masks more often.

Hydrating Masks

when to use face mask in routine

Hydrating masks, similar to sheet masks, except they are a cream/gel that you apply like you would a regular face mask. They are full of ingredients designed to add hydration and moisture back into your skin.

Hydrating masks can be used 2-3 times a week depending on how dry your skin is.

Sleeping Masks

Sleeping masks are essentially a really heavy duty moisturizer, oftentimes with extra benefits like brightening or exfoliating. Sleeping masks are designed to be used as the last step in your routine and you sleep in them overnight.

The mask is just like a regular moisturizer, so it will sink into your skin and won’t get all over your pillow.

Sleeping masks can be used daily, or even just once or twice a week, depending on your skin.

Can You Use Face Masks Everyday?

While it’s usually not recommended to use face masks everyday, it sometimes depends on the type of mask and the formulation. For hydrating or sheet masks, they are generally okay to use everyday. But any type of face mask with clay or exfoliating ingredients, you should not use them everyday by any means.

How often you can you clay masks will depend on your skin type as well. If you have more oily skin you can use clay or acne face masks more often. If you have dry skin, you will need to be more careful with these types of masks. It is very bad to use face masks too often, so be careful with clay or acne type face masks!

What To Do After A Face Mask

After you’ve used your face mask, it’s important to continue your skincare routine, especially if you used a clay or acne mask as these masks can dry out your skin. After your face mask, continue your skincare routine as usual.

That means, if you use any serums, essences, etc. apply those, then follow with your moisturizer and any other skincare products you would typically use.

What Type Of Face Mask Is Best For My Skin?

What type of face mask is best depends on your skin type and skin concerns. For dry skin, you will benefit from hydrating/moisturizing face masks like gel, cream and sheet masks. For oily skin, clay masks are your best friends! They will draw out any impurities and help with oil control. For acne-prone skin, clay masks are also amazing, but you can also use exfoliating face masks.

For sensitive skin types, I recommend using sheet masks or gel/cream masks only. Oftentimes clay masks can be too harsh on sensitive skin.

I personally use a clay face mask or acne targeted face mask once a week, an exfoliating mask once a week and hydrating masks at least once a week depending on how my skin feels. Face masks can help with any of your skin concerns, and usually give immediate results!

How often you use face masks is super important because, as discussed, using them wrong can damage your skin and cause even more issues.

What are your favorite face masks? How often do you use face masks? Let me know down below!

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