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how to focus on yourself as a woman

Have you ever been so focused on other people or other things that you completely neglect yourself and your own life? Especially if you love pleasing other people, it can be hard to take the time to focus on yourself and take care of your own needs. You can get so wrapped up in other things that you forget how to focus on yourself.

When we aren’t properly taking care of ourselves, we can start to become mentally and emotionally exhausted, so it’s important to be aware of how you’re spending your time and make it a priority to delegate some time to yourself.

If this is something you have never done before, you might be wondering “how can I start focusing on myself more?” Well this post is for you!

For the longest time, I never focused on myself. I put others needs and wants before mine. It wasn’t until one day I realized I just wasn’t happy. I wasn’t doing things that made me happy. Because I was so focused on others.

That’s when I learned how to start focusing on myself and now I’m going to teach you how to focus on yourself and be happy!

What Does Focusing On Yourself Mean Exactly?

how can I start focusing on myself

Focusing on yourself really just means exactly how it sounds. Instead of being stuck in the comparison trap, you’ll be too focused on reaching your goals and doing what makes you happy.

Focusing on yourself is essentially self-improvement. When you’re focusing on yourself, you’ll be actively working on bettering and improving yourself and working towards your goals and dreams. In the process, you’ll discover your true self and that will lead you to ultimate happiness.

Instead of concerning yourself with what others are doing or where others are in their lives, you’ll focus on what you are doing to get to where you want to be.

Everyone has a different journey in life and has things going on behind the scenes. That’s why we should never compare ourselves to others because we truly don’t know the whole story.

Why Is Focusing On Yourself Important?

focus on yourself and your goals

What happens when you focus on yourself? Focusing on yourself has so many amazing benefits, both in your professional and personal life. It’s truly about creating a life that inspires you, motivates you, fulfills you and makes you happy.

Even learning how to focus on yourself in a relationship is so fulfilling and beneficial. You need to be your own person outside of a relationship and when you work on concentrating on yourself more, your relationship will only grow stronger. Learn how to focus on yourself and not a man! Be your own wonderful woman.

That’s why it’s important to focus on yourself. But, let’s dig a little deeper and see how focusing on yourself can benefit you and your life.

1. You’ll Reach Your Goals

Both your professional and personal goals. When you’re focusing on yourself, it’s so easy to make time to work on accomplishing you goals. And in no time, you’ll be able to crush those goals and set new goals!

One of my more recent goals was to start exercising more. Not to lose weight, but just to be healthier. I made it a priority to work out 3x a week. Of course, there were days I skipped my workouts and felt unmotivated. But, for the most part, I’ve stuck to my goal and feel great! I can feel my body getting stronger and it’s so rewarding.

Sit down and truly think about what you want to accomplish in life. Do you want a promotion at work? Do you want to pay off your debt? Perhaps you want to read more or go back to school. Whatever it is, focusing on yourself will help you accomplish those goals in no time.

2. You’ll Be In Control Of Your Life

When you aren’t happy with your life, it can be easy to think there’s nothing you can do to improve it. But that’s usually not the case. Yes, some things or situations are out of our control. However, sometimes all it takes is changing your mindset.

With a more positive outlook and mindset, you’ll be able to see the good in situations instead of always focusing on the negative. This does wonders for your overall outlook on life and your happiness!

I admit, I used to always be so negative. But when I started working on having a more positive mindset, it completely changed my life.

When you truly start to look at what is making you unhappy in your life, you’ll be able to pinpoint those things and do something about them. Instead of just tolerating them. If you don’t like your job, update your resume and start applying to other jobs. Whatever it is, try and find a solution because you deserve to be happy!

3. You’ll Be Happier

It’s so easy to become focused on others with social media these days. I am guilty of comparing myself and my journey to others. And it’s so hard on your confidence and happiness!

But, each time those feeling start to creep in, I remind myself that social media really all is an act, so to speak. You only see a fraction of people’s lives and you have no idea what goes on at other times.

Instead, turn your attention to yourself. On finding what makes you happy and brings you joy. I have recently started spending less time on social media and have noticed a huge difference in my mood!

4. You’ll Find Your Purpose

Finding your purpose in life is something that doesn’t just happen upon you. You have to truly discover yourself first in order to find your true purpose. When you are focusing on yourself and working on yourself, you will discover your passion and purpose.

When you start learning how to focus on yourself, you’ll be able to get to know yourself better. And this will lead you to your true purpose in life.

Learning How To Focus On Yourself Is The Best Thing You Can Do

How To Focus On Yourself And Not Others

how to focus on yourself and be happy

Whether you’re always focused on the “perfect” lives of social media influencers, or you’re focused on always pleasing those you love, these tips will help you learn how to focus on yourself and not others. With so many things going on in our lives, it can be hard to keep the focus on yourself and put yourself first. But, rest assured, these tips will help you because they sure helped me.

1. Say No

If you’re constantly saying yes and agreeing to do things for other people, when will you have time to work on and focus on yourself? Many people struggle with this because they want to please everybody. But that does nothing good for you! Stretching yourself too thin and having too many commitments will actually harm you in the long run.

I am one that is always quick to say YES when someone asks me to do something for them. I know it can be a hard habit to break. But what I want you to do is don’t jump in and agree right away.

Instead, think about it. Think about the implications of saying yes or no. Do you want to say yes? How did you feel when asked the question? Will you get anything out of helping? Do you truly have time to help this person without sacrificing your other responsible and yourself?

2. Check In With Yourself

focusing on self improvement

Spend time regularly going over what you want in life and what your goals are. Things change along the way, and your goals or aspirations may not be the same they were three months ago!

That’s why it’s important to survey yourself regularly and figure out what you truly want.

It’s also good to check in with yourself mentally and emotionally. Are you drained and feeling low? That’s sign to take some time to yourself and recharge with some self care. If you’re drained and exhausted, you can’t be at your best for yourself!

3. Schedule Time For You

Put it in your phone or on your calendar. Whichever you prefer, just make sure you make it priority to schedule time for yourself. You can use that time to practice self care or work towards your goal.

If you never make time for yourself, you’re telling yourself that you are not important! You have to make time for yourself if you want to truly be happy in life. Plus, that’s the only way you will reach your goals! When you are actively working on improving yourself and your goals, growth will happen!

4. Spend Time With Yourself

When you’re constantly spending time and energy on others, it can be hard to spend time alone with yourself. But spending time alone is so important because it allows you to truly get to know yourself inside and out. And that’s one of the best things you can do for yourself and your self confidence.

We are social creatures, so obviously we do need interaction with others, but make it a priority to spend alone time with yourself.

By spending time alone, you will be forced to focus on yourself and your needs. You can use this time to figure out what you truly want out of life and setting goals.

5. Treat Yourself Better

how to stop worrying about others and focus on yourself

Do you treat yourself the same way you do others? Likely, the answer is no. We don’t take the time to engage with ourself or check in with ourselves to see how we are doing. We just go through the motions of the day completely unaware of ourself.

Changing the way you interact with yourself will be the most beneficial thing you can do if you really want to start focusing on yourself more. When you treat yourself the way you do others, you will be more aware of your feelings and needs. And be more likely to put your needs first!

The truth is, at the end of the day, you are the one who can change your life and make your dreams come true. You can’t just wait around hoping that someone else will do it for you.

6. Picture Your Future

How do you want your future to look? Go ahead and envision your future self. What is she doing? How does she feel? Then figure out what you need to get there. It gives you an idea of what you need to do in terms of self-improvement.

Maybe you need to work hard and get that promotion to be able to afford your dream house. Or perhaps you need to improve on your life skills like organization or time-management.

7. Do More Of What You Love

Focusing on yourself and self-improvement doesn’t have to all be about reaching a goal. It can just be about focusing on your needs and wants and doing more of what you enjoy.

For me, I love to read. I’m a huge book nerd. But between my full-time job and this blog, it’s hard to find the time to really sit down and enjoy a good book. I went a few months without reading and finally took the time one day to start a new book. And boy, did I feel awesome afterwards. It sounds silly, but once you make time for something you love, you will instantly feel much better.

If you don’t have any hobbies, this is a great way to get out of your comfort zone and find something you love! You’ll grow and be able to work on self-improvement in the process.

8. Enjoy The Journey

A good reminder: life’s a journey. Enjoy the process. Enjoy the growth. The little things. The smell of coffee on a quiet morning. The sound of your dog’s paws running across the yard. The failures. The accomplishments. Just enjoy it all! It’s all a part of the process of self-improvement and growth.

Is Focusing On Yourself Selfish?

how to focus on yourself and not him

Some might say that focusing on yourself is selfish and that you should spend more time focusing on others. While it is important to focus on others, you need to find the right balance between focusing on yourself and focusing on others.

Making yourself a priority is the only way to really grow and accomplish your goals and dreams, so you need to make sure you are making time for that. Of course, you should spend time focusing on others! You shouldn’t be so self-centered 100% of the time.

Focusing On Yourself Quotes

what does focusing on yourself mean?

These quotes always inspire me to focus on myself and be the best I can be! It’s always good to have motivation to go after what you want in life, so I hope these quotes help motivate and inspire you, too!

1. “Focus on loving yourself instead of loving the idea of other people loving you.” -Unknown

2. “Focus on yourself and the rest will follow” – Darshan Joshi

“You have your own life, why waste it on focusing on others?”

Nitin Namdeo

4. “Working on myself, by myself, for myself.” – Unknown

5. “Stay focused on your goals, your peace, and your happiness. Don’t waste your time on anything that doesn’t contribute to your growth.” – Unknown

6. “Real change will come when you focus on yourself.” – Ritu Ghatourey

Whatever your goals may be, learning how to focus on yourself more is the first step to bringing them to life.

what to do when focusing on yourself?

The best thing I ever did was start to focus on myself more. Since then, I have accomplished so many things I never thought possible. And I’m happier than ever! I truly am taking care of my own needs and putting my own needs and feelings first. Of course, I do still love to help my loved ones, so focusing on others is still huge part of my life.

Whether you are wanting to focus on yourself more in a relationship or just to be happier, these tips will help you learn how to truly focus on yourself by putting your needs and goals first. It’s completely possible to learn how to focus on yourself without being selfish. Focusing on yourself will lead to tons of growth in your life!

How will you start to focus on yourself? Do you have a plan in mind? A goal you want to achieve?

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