20 Best Centella Asiatica Products Of All Time

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best korean centella asiatica skincare products

Best Centella Asiatica Skincare Products

If you’ve ever dabbled in the land of Korean skincare, then chances are you’ve probably heard of Centella Asiatica, or cica for short. It’s quickly becoming a buzz-worthy ingredient, even here in the western world. And for good reason. So, what exactly is this star ingredient and is Centella Asiatica actually good for skin? And what is Centella good for exactly? Is is only good for sensitive skin? What are the best centella asiatica products?

I’m here to break down why the skincare community is raving about this powerhouse ingredient and deliver the best cica product recommendations for all skin types.

What Is Centella Asiatica?

Centella Asiatica is a plant that has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries. Cica has quite a few different names, such as, Gotu kola and Indian pennywort. You will mainly see it as Centella Asiatica or cica.

Cica is known for its soothing and anti-inflammatory properties and has been used for various ailments for centuries because it’s truly a powerhouse ingredient. In fact, it’s been talked about as a “potential herbal cure all

Centella Asiatica is packed with amino acids, fatty acids, and phytochemicals that your skin will absolutely love. Here is what makes cica so great for the skin:

  • Amino Acids: help with moisture retention, strengthen skin barrier, act as antioxidants and so much more. Think of them as the building blocks for healthy skin.
  • Beta-carotene: acts as an antioxidant to help fight free radical, sun and pollution damage
  • Fatty Acids: an essential component for your skin structure and barrier. Fatty acids help with inflammation, fight bacteria and improve skin hydration
  • Vitamin C: a powerful antioxidant that fights damage and helps with anti-aging
  • Vitamin A: a potent anti-aging ingredient
  • B Vitamins: the b vitamins in skincare can help with antiaging and soothing skin

Additionally, cica has antimicrobial properties, which can keep your skin’s defense barrier in check and can even help with acne.

In short, Centella Asiatica can help with oily skin, acne, antiaging, sensitive skin, really everyone can benefit from a little cica in their skincare routine! It truly is a do-it-all ingredient.

Is Centella Asiatica Actually Good For The Skin?

We’ve seen how cica has been used in herbal medicine, but what about using it topically in skincare for various skin conditions? What does Centella Asiatica do for the skin and what is Centella Asiatica good for, exactly?

Well, Centella Asiatica has tons of different properties that make it a great addition to any skincare routine.

Here is what Centella Asiatica, or cica, can do for your skin:

  • anti-inflammatory
  • fights free radical damage
  • stimulates collagen production
  • wound healing
  • anti-aging
  • antioxidant
  • soothing
  • anti-microbal
  • hydrating

Is there anything cica doesn’t do? Not really!

Does Centella Help Acne?

Most people assume that cica is more for those with dry skin or sensitive skin. However, using Centella Asiatica for acne is actually one of the best reasons to use cica in your skincare routine.

Inflammation is one of the main causes of acne, and since cica is such a powerful anti-inflammatory ingredient, it’s a great option at helping reduce the skin inflammation that comes with acne. Reducing inflammation can actually help prevent acne, so cica is a great way to treat and prevent acne!

Since Centella Asiatica also has antimicrobial properties, it can help kill acne causing bacteria that lives on your skin.

Cica can even help reduce the redness that comes along with acne.

And, finally, cica is so soothing, making it a great option to soothe your skin when it’s angry or irritated from other acne fighting ingredients.

Bottom line: Centella Asiatica is great for acne-prone skin.

Is Centella Asiatica Good For Acne Scars?

Many people don’t think of using Centella Asiatica for acne scars, but since cica can help stimulate collagen production, it’s actually a great option for acne scarring! Whether you have pigmentation issues from acne or indented acne scars, cica is a great way to help speed up the healing process of acne scars.

However, for best results, cica should be combined with other ingredients to help fade acne scars. With some of the best Centella Asiatica products below, you can target acne, acne scars as well as dry skin. It all depends on the formula of the product you are using!

Bottom line: cica for acne scars is a great addition to a skincare routine

Is Centella Good For Dry Skin?

best centella asiatica products

Cica has many properties that make it ideal for dry skin. It has the ability to help the skin retain hydration levels and keep all that moisture locked into the skin.

Centella Asiatica can also help rebuild and maintain a strong moisture barrier, which is essential for keeping skin hydrated and healthy. Centella Asiatica can, in fact, repair the skin barrier!

Bottom line: cica is a must have for dry skin types. If you’re suffering from dry skin, then cica is your savior.

Is Centella Good For Oily Skin?

Centella Asiatica is a great option for oily skin, as it can help hydrate and moisturize the skin lightly, without being super heavy or greasy. Since oily skin is usually more prone to breakouts, it’s anti-inflammatory properties are great for oily skin types as well, as they can help control the inflammation that comes along with acne.

Cica has even been shown to reduce sebum production. And who doesn’t want less oily skin??

Bottom line: cica is the perfect ingredient to keep oily skin hydrated

What About Centella For Sensitive Skin?

Centella Asiatica is probably one of the best ingredients for sensitive skin, including skin with rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and so many more inflammatory conditions of the skin.

Bottom line: Cica can help reduce inflammation, sensitivity and soothe skin that’s irritated, making is the best option for sensitive skin.

Other Benefits of Centella Asiatica In Skincare

Not only does cica have so many skincare benefits for all skin types, but there are so many other amazing properties of Centella Asiatica! Here are a few other amazing benefits of centella for the skin:

  • Reduces cellulite
  • Prevents and treats stretch marks
  • Protects skin from sun damage
  • Prevents transepidermal water loss (TEWL)
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Increases antioxidant levels
  • Heals wounds

Does Centella Asiatica Have Any Side Effects?

best centella products

When used topically, you won’t experience any side effects from cica. Only healthier skin! Some studies have shown that cica can even be beneficial when taken orally. However, taking Centella Asiatica orally may come with its own side effects, so as always, speak with your doctor before starting any new medications or supplements.

However, it’s possible to have an allergy to any ingredient and centella is no different. If you have sensitive skin or a lot of allergies, it may be beneficial to patch test new products, just to be safe.

Does Centella Asiatica Really Work?

Recently, I have been dealing with a stubborn case of perioral dermatitis, and am here to sing the praises of Centella Asiatica. For me, Centella Asiatica really does work amazingly well for my skin.

Any kind of dermatitis is no fun to deal with, but since I’ve started using cica products, I’ve not only been a huge difference in my perioral dermatitis, but also my skin hydration and brightness.

I recently began using a new centella serum that has done wonders in just a few days. My skin feels more hydrated and soft and it instantly calms my skin.

I also use a cica cream at night and during the day. It keeps any irritation at bay and soothes skin. Whenever I get a PD flare up, cica product will immediately calm my skin, reduce inflammation and redness, even in just a few minutes!

Best Centella Asiatica Products

best products with centella asiatica

Here are my top picks, including the best Centella Asiatica Korean skincare products, as well as western formulations of this powerhouse ingredient.

Although cica has been very popular in korean skincare for years, the western world has seen the powers of cica and are starting to formulate some great Centella Asiatica products.

SKIN1004 Madagascar Centella Asiatica Ampoule Facial Serum

This serum is one of a kind, in that it’s 100% Centella Asiatica. Yes, really. Nothing but the soothing goodness of cica. This is a great option for sensitive skin as it doesn’t have any filler ingredients that can cause an unpleasant reactions. Fragrance free.

This cica serum is one of my recent purchases, and so far it’s nothing short of amazing. I can apply this serum and within just a few minutes the redness and inflammation on my skin is diminished. It’s truly amazing.

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PURITO Centella Unscented Serum

This cica serum is packed with almost 50% Centella Asiatica, plus peptides, hyaluronic acid, ceramides and niacinamide. This serum will help fade acne scars, fight fine lines and wrinkles and hydrate and soothe the skin instantly. Plus it’s fragrance free, so it’s another great option for sensitive skin, but all skin types can benefit from this multitasking cica serum. With these ingredients, this is the best centella asiatica serum on the market!

COSRX Centella Blemish Cream

Wipe out acne and fade acne scars fast with this soothing moisturizer for acne prone skin. Its lightweight texture is perfect for those with oily skin that still need soothing moisture.

This cream helps control oil production and kill acne causing bacteria thanks to Zinc Oxide and Zinc PCA. Centella Asiatica Extract calm breakouts, reduce inflammation and redness so skin looks clearer.

Dr.Jart+ Cicapair Tiger Grass Camo Drops

This color correcting serum is tinted green to help camouflage any redness, while soothing and repairing skin. Along with Centella Asiatica, this serum is packed with antioxidants, soothing ingredients and minerals to really help soothe the most irritated skin. This cica serum also helps brighten the skin tone and it’s great to wear on it’s own or under makeup to hide any redness and soothe irritated skin.

Neogen Real Cica Pads

When you have irritated skin or inflamed acne, the last thing you want to do is irritate your skin even more with exfoliants. But these cica pads contain 2 very gentle chemical exfoliants to help shed dead skin without irritating the skin. Plus, it’s full of Centella, ceramides and hyaluronic acid to ensure your skin won’t get irritated or dried out.

La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Baume B5

A multi-purpose balm that is great for healing cracked, rough skin. It can be used on your face or really anywhere on your body that needs some serious TLC. With Centella Asiatica, as well as Shea Butter, Panthenol, Glycerin and Thermal Spring Water, this cream can seriously heal damaged skin.

This is one of my favorite Centella products of all time. It’s not heavy but packs a bunch with hydration and moisture. It’s great to use in the winter when your hands get cracked. If you work in healthcare like me and are constantly washing your hands, this will be your saving grace!

L’Oreal Revialift Cicacream

This cream is the ultimate anti-aging cica cream. Centella Asiatica combined with retinol make it the perfect anti-aging duo to treat and prevent fine lines and wrinkles and combat anti-aging. Plus, it’s super affordable and accessible!

Avene Cicalfate+ Repair Cream

This is a wonderfully rich cream full of skin repairing ingredients that helps maintain hydration and soothe dry and irritated skin. This is a thicker cream, so it’s great for drier skin types. With postbiotics, copper, zinc and spring water, it’s a powerful cream that can heal and repair damaged skin. This is one of the best centella asiatica products of all time- it’s multipurpose than can be used on the face and body to help heal the skin as well as restore the skin’s moisture barrier.

Dermatory Hypoallergenic Cica Cream

The Dermatory Hypoallergenic Cica Cream is your skin’s new BFF. This intensely moisturizing cream is enriched with the power of azulene, cica, and chamomile to help reduce redness and dryness while soothing stressed skin. The non-irritating formula targets most damaged areas including acne, aged skin, sunspots, cuts and bruises. Get this powerful protector at a wonderful low price! 

This multi-purpose cream can be used on both face and body for deep hydration and soothing relief from redness and inflammation. Beyond the star ingredient, azulene, which soothes irritated or broken skin while repairing damage, this cica cream also includes chamomile which has been found in clinical studies to reduce inflammation within 3 days of use.

Etude House SoonJung Cica Relief Toner Pad

Effective, gentle, and oh so soothing. The Etude House Soonjung Cica Relief Toner Pad has your skin’s back so it can focus on the things that matter most – looking great! This ultra-gentle toner pad is formulated with soothing panthenol (aka vitamin B5) plus madecassoside to calm and nurture sensitive skin while stimulating collagen synthesis. Antioxidant-rich madecassoside also helps to protect the skin from free radical damage that leads to premature aging or dehydration induced wrinkles. Talk about a secret weapon!

Etude House SoonJung 5-Panthensoside Cica Balm

When you’re in need of deep moisture and repair, this is the perfect balm for you! This innovative product contains a collection of calming and hydrating ingredients. Panthenol, deeply hydrates skin while madecassoside works hard to repair skin damage. The addition of cica helps soothe irritated skin while reducing redness.

Deeply hydrate your skin when it needs it most with this calming cream easy to apply and dries quickly without leaving behind an oily finish or residue.

Benton Goodbye Redness Centella Mask Pack

Grab the potion to bring your redness down, without having to wait for a cure. A sheet mask with 45% centella asiatica leaf water is all yon need to kiss redness and irritated skin goodbye.

Not only does this mask help reduce redness, it also helps soothe irritation, moisturize and hydrate as well as calm eczema flair-ups. If you have sensitive skin, this mask belongs in your arsenal.

Neogen A-Clear Soothing Overnight Mask

The most perfect cica overnight sleeping back for oily, acne prone skin. Centella Asiatica helps to reduce redness and calm inflammation of breakouts, while salicylic acid travels deep into the pores to kill acne cause bacteria and remove impurities.

The added Tea Tree Leaf Oil also helps to reduce redness associated with pimples and calm inflammation. Licorice Root Extract helps to brighten acne scarring and pigmentation. Basically, this is a dream come true for acne prone skin.

Dewytree Cica 100 Essence

It’s a good thing this stuff comes in a big bottle because you won’t be able to stop using it! Dewytree Cica 100 Essence doesn’t contain any extra additives or fillers, just a single ingredient: centella asiatica extract. Centella-lovers rejoice!

This powerhouse keeps skin clear and glowing while promoting elasticity and plumping up dehydrated areas with long lasting hydration. It’s gentle enough for sensitive or acne prone skin, yet effective enough to calm even the most sensitive and reactive skin types.

Bioderma Cicabio Cream

Bioderma Cicabio Cream is the perfect way to soothe your skin! It’s made with Antalgicine® technology, which relieves both discomfort and itchiness. The D.A.F.™ Complex prevents dry, sensitive skin while antibacterial agents purify the skin for problem free comfort all day long.

Hyaluronic acid deeply hydrates and plumps skin, while centella asiatica calms irritation and redness.

Unpa Lacto Cica Locking Serum

All you need is a quick swipe of Unpa Lacto Cica Locking Serum to soothe skin instantly. With centella asiatica and probiotics at the ready, along with cica and other nutrients designed for sensitive and dry skin, these easy-to-use serum pads will lock in more hydration than ever before – helping you reach that bragworthy level of #skingoals.

Village 11 Factory Derma Clear B5 Cica Cream

Village 11 Factory Derma Clear B5 Cica Cream can do all kinds of things. You name it, this cream does it! Soothing skin irritations with cica? Check. Need moisture? Got ‘ya covered with an extra dose of panthenol! Suffering from dry skin? Village 11 Factory Derma Clear B5 Cica Cream will tackle that for you too with its 50% centella extract and madecassoside content. So many skincare goodies packed into a single product – don’t pass this one up!

Beauty of Joseon Calming Serum

Who said centella asiatica was only for sensitive skin? Beauty of Joseon Calming Serum is formulated for oily and acne prone skin types so they can get in on the calming action of centella, too. This is a lightweight serum that works like a charm to soothe irritated skin. Enriched with traditional Korean herbal medicine ingredients (‘hanbang’), this gentle formulation targets redness and sensitivity while protecting skin from damage thanks to multiple antioxidants, like green tea (which also has soothing properties!).

The Plant Base AC Clear Magic Cica Cream

Plant Base AC Clear Magic Cica Cream is the product for acne-prone skin! It works to relieve irritated skin and acne with the patented ingredient, Inflax™. Natural Protector™ fights acne while soothing the skin. Plus with 55% centella asiatica, irritation will be a thing of the past.

Green tea powder calms inflammation and reduces redness instantly, while murumuru seed butter nourishes and moisturizes the skin to protect and repair the skin barrier.

Best Centella Asiatica Products: Wrap Up

Centella asiatica has become one of the hottest skincare ingredients right now, and for good reason. Centella has the ability to reduce redness, inflammation and even help hydrate and repair the skin barrier. With these best Centella Asiatica products, your skin will be soothed, hydrated, calm and happy.

You can’t go wrong with any of these centella skin care products – whether you have oily skin, prone to acne or skin drier than the Sahara desert, there’s a centella product here for you!

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