Is Soap And Glory Cruelty Free And Vegan?

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Does Soap And Glory Test On Animals?

Cruelty-free and vegan beauty brands have increased in popularity in recent years, and while many brands have made the change to become cruelty-free, not all of them are vegan. And as one of the bigger drugstore beauty brands, many people ask “Is Soap and Glory Cruelty-Free and Vegan?” Whether you’re a die-hard S&G fan or looking to buy their products for the first time, here’s a look at the cruelty-free and vegan status of this UK based brand.

About Soap And Glory

does soap and glory test on animals

From their iconic Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss, to their best-selling (and deliciously smelling) The Righteous Butter, Soap and Glory has tons of great products under their belt.

Since their launch in 2006, Soap and Glory has continued to expand their range of products. Most recently, getting into facial skincare. While the brand is mostly known for their body care products, they do have some great facial skincare and makeup products as well.

They are a Britian-based brand that focuses on making affordable and effective products (that also smell insanely delicious).

Their fun, pink packaging and art make their products stand out on the shelves. While they certainly look pretty, the formulas are also great (for the most part) and their body care products are some of my absolute favorites!

Vegan Vs Cruelty Free

Many people are don’t completely understand what it means to be vegan or cruelty free. A brand can be cruelty free but not vegan, and vice versa. Or a brand can be both vegan and cruelty free.

Cruelty free simply means that a brand does not test any of its products or ingredients on animals.

Vegan means that the products do not contain any animal ingredients.

Is Soap And Glory Cruelty Free?

There has been a huge demand for companies to go cruelty free and vegan in the last few years. So, is Soap and Glory cruelty free?

Soap and Glory is cruelty-free, in fact, they very recently became certified cruelty free by Leaping Bunny and Cruelty Free International. While Soap and Glory has always said they did not test on animals, they were not certified until a few months ago.

The certification means that no animals were tested on during the development of products and that the company does not purchase ingredients or other materials from companies or suppliers that test on animals. Additionally, the brand will continue to be audited to ensure it’s maintaining cruelty-free status.

Does Soap And Glory Test On Animals: The Brand’s Response

S&G gets asked frequently if they test their products or ingredients on animals. Here’s what the brand has to say about animal testing:

does soap and glory test on animals
Source: Soap and Glory

Many people find the brand’s response confusing and a little vague. Basically, what they’re saying is that certain ingredients they use in their products may have historically been tested on animals. Animal testing used to be extremely common and many of the ingredients we now use were once tested on animals.

Soap andGlory is simply saying that while they are cruelty free and do not test on animals, the Ingredients they use may have been tested on animals in the past (just not by them).

I appreciate the transparency in this brand!

It’s also important to note that Boots, Soap and Glory’s parent brand, is also cruelty-free. So when you buy Soap and Glory products, you know you are not supporting a non-cruelty free parent company.

Is Soap And Glory Vegan?

You’ll be happy to know that most of Soap and Glory’s products are vegan. While some of them are not, there’s a long list of Soap and Glory products that do not contain any animal-derived ingredients.

The following lists all of the Soap and Glory’s current vegan products according to their website:

Bath and Body Products:

Get Enriched Quick™ Nourishing Bath & Body Oil






CALL OF FRUITY Bubble in Paradise™ Refreshing Shower Gel

CALL OF FRUITY The Way She Smoothes Softening™ Body Lotion




SMOOTHIE STAR™ Breakfast Scrub




Archery DIY Brow Bar

Archery Brow Sculpting Crayon & Gel

Glow & Dew It™ Luminous Concentrate Elixir

Glow & Dew It™ Skin Illuminating Base & Primer

Glow & Dew It™ Pressed Highlighting Powder

Kick Ass Concealer Three Piece Camouflage Set 2 Light

Lid Stuff Eyeshadow Stick

One Heck Of A Blot Primer

Sexy Mother Pucker Fill Seeker Plumping Lip Serum Clear

Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Plumping Gloss

Sexy Mother Pucker XL Extreme Plump Lip Gloss

Supercat Waterproof Eye Liner Pen

Supercat Skinny Precision Tip Waterproof Eye Liner Pen

Smoulder Kohl Eyeliner

Thick & Fast Lash & Brow Boosting Serum

Treat My Lips Hydrating Lip Oil

Treat My Lips Exfoliating Balm

The Mighty Contourer 3 in 1 Contour, Blush & Highlight Kit


Bright Before Your Eyes™ Brightening Eye Cream

Bright + Beautiful™ Biodegradable Brightening Sheet Mask

Cloud of Dreams™ Whipped Night Cream

Glow Your Mind™ Nourishing Cleansing Balm

Daily Dew™ Instant Hydration Serum

Glow With It™ 10% Vitamin C Serum

Glow To Sleep™ Radiance Boosting Sleep Mask

In The Glow How™ 5% Glycolic Acid Exfoliating Tonic

In The Bright Of Day™ Vitamin C Gel Cream

No Clogs Allowed Detox Mask

Peaches & Clean Deep Cleansing Milk

Pout About It™ Hydrogel Lip Mask

Puffy Eye Attack™ Triple Action Jelly Eye Makeup Remover

Puffy Eye Attack™ Under-Eye Brightening Hydrogel Patches

Scrub In The Fast Lane™ 2 Minute Facial Peel & Polish

Scrub Your Nose In It AHA Facial Polish

Speed Plump Intensly Hydrating Day Lotion

Speed Plump™ Super-Hydrating Miracle Moisture Hydrogel Sheet Mask

Strike A Balance™ 5% Niacinamide Tonic

The Fab Pore Daily Moisturiser

The Fab Pore™ Biodegradable Pore-Refining Sheet Mask

Urban Legend™ Antioxidant Day Cream SPF 30

Best Soap And Glory Cruelty Free & Vegan Products

Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub

I never thought I would want to smell like maple syrup and pancakes, but this body scrub will leave you smelling like a continental breakfast. Not only does it have a delicious maple scent, but it also has some incredible ingredients like banana, almonds, honey and oats to nourish and smooth the skin.

It’s a sugar based scrub with oats to help gentle exfoliate away dead skin to reveal softer, smoother skin all over. It has shea butter and fruit extracts to nourish skin even after you rinse it off.

Call Of Fruity Bubble In Paradise Body Wash

This tropical body wash is perfect for those hot summer months because of its cooling feeling on the skin. You’ll instantly be transported to a tropical island in your shower with its delicious notes of hibiscus, cantaloupe, mango and cedarwood.

Although this body wash does have sulfates, it also contains glycerin and fruit extracts to keep skin soft and hydrated. It’s very lightweight and doesn’t have any oils or butters, so it’s perfect for those with oilier skin.

The Righteous Butter Body Lotion

This cult-favorite, award-winning body butter is probably Soap and Glory’s best selling product (and for good reason). It’s packed with nourishing ingredients like shea butter and cocoa butter to soften and moisturize the skin. Plus coconut oil and rosehip oil to nourish and protect the skin.

It’s scented with Soap and Glory’s Original Pink fragrance which has fruity and floral notes like mandarin, rose and bergamot.

This cream is pretty rich, so it’s best for those with dry skin or to use at night so it can soak in all night long and nourish your skin.

Scrub Your Nose In It Two Minute T-Zone Detox Scrub

Formulated with Soap and Glory’s D-CLOG™MICROMUD, this scrub has extremely refined microparticles that gently exfoliate the skin similar to microdermabrasion (but less harsh on the skin).

At first glance, it appears like a regular clay or mud mask, but once you start rubbing it in, you can feel the tiny particles working their magic.

Skin feels smoother, softer and looks brighter after use. It’s a great, gentle scrub that’s also really affordable.

Puffy Eye Attack Eye Cream

This eye cream uses OXYGINSENG™ and COOL-CUCUMBER-X™ technology to hydrate the delicate eye area and reduce puffiness.

A do-it-all eye cream that moisturizes, firms, tightens, brightens and more. Shea butter and plant extracts moisturize and nourish, while caffeine brightens and instantly reduces puffiness. Vitamin C helps to brighten and reduce dark circles and aloe soothes and hydrates the delicate skin around the eyes.

This eye cream is the perfect pick me up for those mornings when you wake up with puffy eyes.

Archery ™ Brow Sculpting Crayon & Gel

This duo brow product contains a brow pencil and gel for the ultimate bold brow. It contains an angled crayon to help define and shape brows while the gel keeps hairs in place all day long.

Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Gloss

Soap and Glory’s cult-favorite plumping gloss contains SUPERFILLTM Lip Plumping Spheres that work instantly to add volume and plumpness to your lips while coating them with a nourishing shine.

With 10 different colors, you can find the perfect shade for you in this plumping gloss. While it certainly tingles, it doesn’t make your lips burn and the plumping takes effect quickly with a natural looking pout.

Soap & Glory FAQ’s

Does Soap and GLory Sell In China?

Soap and Glory does not sell in China. And when it comes to being cruelty free, this a huge, as China requires companies to test their products on animals.

Is Soap And Glory Environmentally Friendly?

In 2015, Soap and Glory removed all microbeads in products that require rinsing off. While it’s a step in the right direction, Soap and Glory needs to take some additional steps to become more eco-friendly.

Is Soap and Glory Bad For Your Skin?

While Soap and Glory has products that aren’t great for the skin (I.e. has sulfates, fragrance, essential oils, etc), they also carry some great products, especially when it comes to body care products. Soap and Glory is not bad for your skin, but some products may not be the best fit, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Is Soap And Glory Cruelty Free and Vegan: Wrap Up

Soap and Glory is cruelty-free, and only some of their products are vegan. All in all, they are a great, affordable brand with a wide range of products. Their body care, in particular, is incredible. While some of their facial skincare products may not contain the best ingredients, there are certainly some gems in the line.

And as for their makeup, their eyeliners, brow products and plumping glosses are cult-favorites among the USA and UK.

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