Low On Self-Esteem? What To Do To Overcome It

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Do you struggle with feeling low on self esteem? So many of us are guilty of convincing ourselves that we are not good enough or not worthy. It can be very hard to overcome those feelings of low self-esteem.

Overcoming low self esteem is certainly not easy, but it is something that you should work on each and every day. Keep reading to find out how to deal with your feelings when you’re low on self esteem.

Signs Of Low Self-Esteem

Low self-esteem can manifest in many different ways. Sometimes it will have different signs in different people. But, there are a few common signs you that might help you pinpoint if you have low self-esteem.

  • Fear of speaking up
  • Thinking you don’t deserve certain things
  • Negative thoughts about yourself
  • Negative self-talk
  • Always comparing yourself to others
  • Rejecting compliments

Do you have any of these signs? You could have low self-esteem. But it’s all good because so many of us struggle with low self-esteem (including myself).

How To Improve Self-Esteem

Now, let’s talk about how we can improve our low self-esteem so that we can live better, more healthier lives. It won’t happen overnight and it will be something you need to work on daily, but it’s so worth it!

1. Practice Positive Self Talk

Instead of letting negative thoughts control your mind, start practicing positive self talk, where you focus on the positive things and you don’t dwell on the negative. Positive self talk can really change your mindset to where you think positively all the time.

For example….

Instead of thinking “I can’t do this, I’m not good enough,” think “I can do this and will succeed.”

It’s super easy to turn negative thoughts into positive self talk and will have a huge impact on your outlook.

2. Take A Break From Your Phone

Try to have a day every once in a while where you don’t pick up your phone or get on social media. Social media plays a huge role in how you see yourself! It can change your view of yourself without you even realizing it. When you’re on social media constantly, it’s easy to always be comparing yourself to others, and that is not good for your self-worth.

Be sure to take a break from your phone every once in a while to reset your mind.

3. Lift Yourself Up

Create reminders in your phone that will pop up with an inspiring or motivational quote. Leave little notes around the house for yourself that tell you how great you are. You could even look on Pinterest for inspirational quotes to read to get you in the right mindset.

When you surround yourself with positives, it makes it so much harder to be negative about yourself.

4. Journal

how to build up low self esteem

Journalling is a great way to help with low self-esteem and can even help you track your progress while you’re trying to improve it. When I am having a bad day, I like to journal my thoughts. I don’t usually use prompts, but you can if you’d like.

It’s such a relief to write down everything you’re thinking. It’s like you’re letting it go and you will instantly feel so much better.

When I journal, I always end it with 3 things I love about myself. This gets me thinking positively about myself which helps so much!

5. Guided Meditation

Meditation has become very popular recently, which is great for mental health. Meditation allows you to sort of retrain your mind so that you don’t focus on certain thoughts.

For example, say you have a negative thought pop in your head. Instead of obsessing over that negative thought, meditation will teach you to just let it go. You acknowledge the thought, but do nothing else with it. You don’t think about it or obsess over it. It just disappears.

With this sort of control over your thoughts, you will be able to control those negative thoughts from interfering with your self-esteem.

6. Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations are super simple and easy to use. Essentially, a positive affirmation is a positive phrase (can be a quote, statement, etc.) that you repeat to yourself. You can say them out loud, write them down, etc.

A positive affirmation can be something as simple as “I am worthy.” You can do a quick google search on positive affirmations and find ones that resonate with you, or you can even come up with your own!

There are no rules. Just a phrase that is positive and helps you think better about yourself.

If you need some help coming up with positive affirmations, check out my post here.

7. Stop Comparing

If you are always comparing yourself to others, your self esteem is never going to be good! It doesn’t matter if they have more money or a nicer house. You are on your own journey and will get there too! Don’t pay attention to other people’s journey because no one’s is the same.

It’s hard to not compare yourself in this day and age, which is why it’s helpful to take a break from social media like I mentioned earlier. I find that when I start comparing myself to other people, my self-esteem gets very low, and that’s no fun!

Focus on yourself and not others.

8. Practice Self Care

what to do when you're low on self esteem

By making yourself a priority, you are proving to yourself that you are worthy. When you take time to focus on yourself and your needs, it can really change your mindset. Find ways you can practice self care that you enjoy.

Making time for self care so you can focus on yourself can really change the way you value yourself. When you make the effort to practice self care, it’s like saying “I’m deserving and worthy of this.”

We all get low on self-esteem at some point in our lives and it can be really hard to get out of that trap of always thinking negative about yourself. But if you focusing on building your self-esteem, you will be more confident, happier and more motivated to go after what you want.

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