How To Make Your Home Your Sanctuary


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A home sanctuary is something we can all use right now. A place to escape and relax. A place to drown out all the noise. A place to destress and unwind. A calming environment.

I have always been such a homebody. Of course, I love adventure, traveling and being around friends and family, but there’s nothing like just being home! I know not everyone feels this way, and unfortunately, right now, people have been forced to become homebodies whether they like it or not.

And if you’re one of those people who just doesn’t like being home, then I have some awesome tips for you on how to make your home your sanctuary! Your home will become more welcoming, inviting and comforting when you put in the efforts to make your home a sanctuary.

Home is my sanctuary and it always will be! And if you’re thinking about turning your home into a sanctuary, then I’ve got all the tips you need right here.

We all need a sanctuary to return to after the chaos of the day, the packed schedules of work and of a social life.

turning your home into a sanctuary

Why Having A Home Sanctuary Is Important

First off, what exactly is a home sanctuary? The meaning of a home sanctuary is just a place of refuge, a place where you can go and instantly escape from the day’s stress. A place where you feel relaxed, comfortable and at ease.

Creating a sanctuary at home will help you unwind and destress whenever you need to. Some people may feel that their sanctuary is out in nature or at the beach. But we all need a sanctuary that we can go to whenever we need it. And we can’t always go out in nature or take a trip to the beach on a whim.

Think about how you feel when you go to the spa or take a trip to the mountains. You feel relaxed, calm and rejuvenated! That’s exactly how a home sanctuary should make you feel – without having to go anywhere!

So having a home sanctuary is the best place to be able to escape from the day whenever you need to. It’s a place where you can truly focus on yourself and your needs. Without all the distractions of daily life.

How To Make Your Home Your Sanctuary

how to make your home your sanctuary

It’s very hard to create a sanctuary in your home when your house is a mess, your living situation is less than ideal and your home is the last place you want to be. But with these tips, I’m going to help you turn your home into a sanctuary and a place where you can’t wait to go to escape.

It’s certainly not easy to escape your messy roommates or loud neighbors, but luckily, there are so many awesome things out there that can help you drown out the noise and truly escape.

Turning your home into a sanctuary is truly one of the best things you can do. And often times, it doesn’t have to cost a thing.

I created a sanctuary bedroom for my home sanctuary.

1. Focus On One Room Or Area

We don’t all have the luxury of dedicating a whole room to be your sanctuary, but if you do that’s great! If not, you can find a little corner of your room to create your sanctuary, or even make your whole room your sanctuary.

If you live alone, you can definitely make your whole house your sanctuary if you’d like. After all, it’s your place!

2. Declutter

This is the biggest tip I can give if you’re wanting to make your home your sanctuary. You cannot relax and destress with clutter all around you! How can you expect to declutter your mind if you can’t declutter your space?

Get rid of unnecessary trinkets, throw away and trash and make sure everything has a home! When everything is put away and your space isn’t cluttered with all your belongings, your space will instantly become more relaxing.

Seriously, creating a home sanctuary is not possible if you have a cluttered space!

3. Get Rid of Distractions

If possible, you want your space to be free of anything that may cause added stress. You don’t want to escape in the same room you work or the same space where others will be drifting through.

If you are able to, you can get rid of any electronics that may distract you when you are trying to relax.

My room is my space, so I put my tv remote in my nightstand, turn my phone on silent and put it and my laptop out of sight.

4. Make It Comfortable

how can I make my house calm

You can’t relax if you can’t get comfortable! You need a good place where you can sit or lay down and relax. That could be your bed, a recliner or a simply a comfy chair.

Make sure you have comfy pillows and cozy blankets, too.

I personally have a memory foam mattress topper, a super fluffy comforter, lots of pillows and a super soft blanket on my bed. Crawling into it instantly relaxes me!

5. Make It Inviting

Making your space inviting is another big key to making your home your sanctuary. If you walk into your space and it feels cluttered and uninviting, then you will not want to be there!

Making your sanctuary inviting is all about ambiance. Add some candles or warm fairy lights to create a super cozy and inviting atmosphere.

Don’t forget you need to keep your space clutter free!

6. Add Some Plants

creating a home sanctuary

Bringing a little nature into your home sanctuary is a great way to make your space extra relaxing and inviting. There’s something about plants that are just so beautiful and soothing.

You can add succulents, house plants, or even add some fresh lavender to your space when you are wanting to escape.

7. Tune Out Distractions

how do I make my house a sanctuary

Here is where you can really change the game and make sure your space is ultra relaxing. You want to make your sanctuary as quiet as possible, and free of any other distractions like smells or visuals.

If you have noisy roommates, you can get soundproofing for your door to help quiet the noise. Or simply get some ear plugs to put in while you’re in your home sanctuary.

Even a clock ticking or fan running can distract you and cause your mind to race. Try to keep your space as quiet as possible.

Scents can also be a big distraction! Some scents, like lavender are great at helping you relax. But if your friend is in the kitchen making dinner, it can definitely distract you and make your mind wonder about what you need to get from the grocery store.

How do you make your home your sanctuary?

What are your favorite ways to create a sanctuary space in your home? At the end of the day, my room is my favorite place to escape and unwind before going to bed. And with these tips I’ve create the ultimate home sanctuary that comforts and relaxes me right in my own home!

If you need some home sanctuary inspiration, there are so many awesome home sanctuary ideas on Pinterest!

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