Questions To Ask Yourself Each Day For A Better Tomorrow

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Self-reflection is the key to bettering yourself and your life each day. It’s important to take a step back regularly and survey yourself in order to grow. By taking the time to reflect on your daily life, you’ll be able to grow personally and professionally more than you ever thought possible.

Daily reflection can be done outloud, in your head or written down in your journal. Whichever, way you prefer, these self-reflection questions are great to ask yourself at the end of each day.

1. What Happened Today That Made Me Smile?

Focusing on something positive about your day is one of the best ways to instantly improve your mood. It never fails that when I have a bad day, I can always find something positive and I will instantly feel better. It’s a super easy way to end your day on a happy note.

Even if it seems small or insignificant, if it made you smile, it counts! Did your boss compliment your work today? Or did you get ready in time to make your favorite breakfast this morning? Anything counts!

2. How Do I Feel Right Now?

Acknowledging your feelings, even if they are negative, can be a huge insight into yourself. Are you feeling stressed or sad? Or maybe you’re happy, content or excited. Whatever it is, take note of how you are feeling in this very moment.

If your mood is negative, think about how you can improve it. If your mood is positive, think about how you can keep that positive mood. What is making you feel happy or sad?

3. What Can I Improve On For Tomorrow?

Pick a few goals that you can actually work on and improve upon tomorrow. Don’t pick something impossible. Did something happen today that made you feel unprepared or uneasy? What can you do to do better tomorrow?

It can even be as simple as eating a healthier dinner or not snacking so late at night. Even just drinking more water tomorrow is an awesome goal!

4. What Did I Learn Today?

Learning is important for self-improvement. Whether that’s learning more about yourself, your career, hobby or just random knowledge. We always learn something new every day, even if we don’t realize it!

Working in research, I learn something new every day and that helps me be better in my profession. But, perhaps you learned something new about yourself today, and that is awesome, too!

5. What Is Something I Did Today That I Am Proud Of?

Again, focusing on the positives will help us grow and live a happier life. Did you work on a project that got high praises from the client? Perhaps you stepped out of your comfort zone today and you’re super proud of yourself for it.

It’s easy to lose those simple moments with the day’s responsibilities, so take time to reflect.

Think back on your day and what you did today. Find something that makes you feel proud in what you do.

6. Did I Work On My Goals/Dreams Today?

If we’re trying to grow, we need to be focused on our goals, right? Make sure each day you are taking an actionable step towards your goals or dreams. This way, when you reflect at the end of the day, you are feeling productive, accomplished and happy that you are actively working on your goals!

7. Did I Discover Anything New About Myself Today?

Each day we are faced with certain challenges, and that can bring out new qualities about ourselves that we didn’t know we even had! Reflect on your day and think about how you responded to those challenges.

You might be surprised! Some days, you may not have an answer to this question, and that’s okay! It’s important to just be aware and do some self-reflecting each day.

Daily self-reflections are such a great way to grow and improve yourself each day. You will discover things about yourself you never thought possible, which will lead you into a better person, leader and friend. What are your favorite self-reflection questions to ask yourself?

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