Skincare Mistakes To Avoid At All Costs


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skincare mistakes to avoid for skin

Skincare Mistakes You Need To Avoid

You can buy all the fancy “miracle” anti-aging creams, get all the latest professional skincare treatments done, but if you don’t follow the fundamental rules of skincare, your skin will never be as good as you wish it were. So, if you want to make sure that your skin stays as age-less as possible and always has a dewy glow, make sure you are avoiding these common skincare mistakes.

You may have come to this post with a particular skincare concern in mind – maybe blackheads or fine lines. Believe it or not, many skin “imperfections” can be fixed with a few simple tweaks of your skincare routine (and avoiding these skincare bad habits).

Why Proper Skincare Is Important

skincare mistakes to avoid for sensitive skin

You may wonder “why does it matter if I’m making these skincare mistakes?” Well, actually, it matters a lot. Your skin is your largest organ and you need to take care of it like you would any other part of your body. Your skin is your body’s protection from the outside world, and when we don’t treat it correctly, it can leave us susceptible to bacteria, pollution, etc. This means that your skincare mistakes can be cause premature aging, dehydrated or oily skin and even acne.

Skincare Mistakes And How To Fix Them

So if you’re wanting to know what are some skincare mistakes you’re guilty of, then you’re in the right place. Many of these are even skincare mistakes that cause acne, so if you suffer from breakouts and just cannot seem to find anything that works, take a look at these bad skincare habits to avoid.

Not Taking Your Makeup Off

Not taking your makeup off is one of the biggest skincare mistakes people make. If you wear makeup, you need to be doing a double cleanse. The first step will remove makeup and the second will actually cleanse your skin from any leftover makeup, residue, dirt, oil and bacteria that would otherwise get trapped in your pores.

Leaving your makeup on all night can cause breakouts, clogged pores, rough skin texture and irritated skin. Try out an oil cleanser or cleansing balm to remove any makeup and follow up with a second gentle cleanser to actually cleanse the skin. It will make a huge difference, I promise!

Not Washing Your Face Daily

Similar to the above, washing your face correctly will ensure you’re getting off all of your makeup, oil, dirt, bacteria and grime that can lead to breakouts and clogged pores. This is one of the worst skincare mistakes you can make, so it should be at the top of your list to fix!

Especially if you have acne or oily skin, it is so important to make sure you’re getting your face clean. You need to wash your face at least once a day, but no more than twice. Be sure to use a gentle, sulfate-free cleanser and use an oil cleanser as mentioned above if you wear makeup.

Using The Wrong Products

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Unfortunately, many people are using products that are not tailored to their skin type and skin concerns. No wonder they aren’t seeing any results! Using the well-formulated products that are made for your skin type can make such a huge difference in your skin.

I know picking out skincare products can be overwhelming. There are so many formulations, ingredients and brands. It can be so hard to know what your skin needs.

Luckily, it’s actually pretty easy once you narrow down your skin type and skin concerns.

If you have oily skin, you need to make sure you are using products tailored to oily skin. For example, if you are using a moisturizer that’s for people with dry skin, chances are you have some breakouts and clogged pores from it because it’s too heavy for your skin,

Likewise with dry skin, if you’re using a light gel moisturizer that’s meant for oily skin, then I’m sure your skin is parched and irritated.

Similarly, if you have acne or blackheads and aren’t using the right ingredients to help with these issues, then you’ll never see improvement.

Not Knowing Your Skin Type

If you don’t know your skin type, you don’t have any idea what your skin really needs, and therefore will use the wrong products.

Knowing what your skin type is makes it so much easier to pick out products and know that they will work for you! Your skin type will also help you discern what kind of concerns you might have. For example, oily skin tends to have less wrinkles and larger pores/blackheads etc. So, you can tailor your products to those issues.

Using Bad Ingredients

skincare mistakes to avoid that make your acne worse

This is one of the very common skincare mistakes and it’s very easy to make! You think all the products on the market are actually good for your skin. But it turns out, not all of them are.

Many people don’t realize that there are some horrible ingredients in skincare these days. Even from high end, expensive brands! Just because it’s sold at Sephora doesn’t mean it’s the best product ever.

I have complied a list of a few common ingredients that you should stay away from in your skincare products.

  • alcohol: specifically, denatured alcohol (or SD alcohol). You know the stuff you use to clean and disinfect? Why would you want to put that on your face?? Denatured alcohol is common in a lot of acne products, unfortunately, so you will have to read labels carefully. The only thing alcohol will do for you is strip your skin, dry it out and wreak havoc on your moisture barrier. And no, it will not help you acne. In fact, it can make acne much worse because it’s so irritating to the skin.
  • sulfates: you need to watch for sulfates in cleansers. There are a lot of different sulfates out there, and some of them aren’t terrible, but you should still try to find sulfate free if possible. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) are the absolute worst. It’s found in Dawn Dish Soap! There is no reason you need to be cleaning your face with the same thing you clean your dishes with! All it will do is strip your skin, which causes so many more issues! Stick with a gentle, sulfate free cleanser and your skin will thank you for it immensely!
  • fragrance: so many products on the market have added fragrance in them, unfortunately. It can be great in things like body lotion or body wash. But, you facial skin is much more sensitive and the added fragrance can be irritating. And irritation can lead to other problems like sensitivity and even acne! So, it’s best to stay away from.

Not Exfoliating Correctly

Exfoliation is one of the best things you can do for your skin! But only if you do it correctly. Improper exfoliation is one of the worst skincare mistakes you can make, but it’s also one of the most common. Well, how do you exfoliate correctly? Make sure you listen to your skin and use good products.

Chemical exfoliation uses ingredients like AHA, BHA, Vitamin C and Retinol/Retinoids to exfoliate the skin. These are the best ways to exfoliate skin and will give you the most dramatic results. In short, chemical exfoliants can help with acne, wrinkles, fine lines, acne scars, sun spots, hyperpigmentation, oily skin, clogged pores, blackheads and large pores.

Physical exfoliants can be scrubs or brushes, like the Clarisonic, or even a simple washcloth! Physical exfoliation is still very important, but a lot of time scrubs can be too abrasive. If you use a scrub that’s too harsh you can end up doing a lot of damage to your skin and making your skin concerns worse. It’s best to stick with gentle scrubs. Definitely stay away from salt and sugar scrubs for your face. Those are great for your body, but, again, your face is much more delicate.

Your Skincare Routine Is Too Complicated

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No, you really don’t need a 20 step skin care routine to have great skin. In fact, the simpler the better, in my opinion!

I used to use so many products and it wasn’t until I REALLY scaled back that I realized how much you don’t need. My skin improved dramatically once I cut out all of those unnecessary steps and products.

For the most basic skincare routine, all you need is a cleanser, treatment (for whatever your skin concern is) and moisturizer. Of course, you can add a few extra products like toner, serum, sleeping pack, etc depending on what your problems are.

But, the point is, keep it as simple as possible! A few well-formulated products is all you need! This is another super common skincare mistake, especially because you see so many influencers using tons and tons of products at once. It’s best to stick with a single active at a time and keep your routine down to only a few steps. Your skin will thank you.

Using Too Many Actives At Once

BHA, retinol, vitamin c, azelaic acid, nicinamide, lactic acid, scrubs. Your skin is probably screaming. Many people go overboard with the actives in their routine and it’s a huge skincare mistake that you should avoid at all costs. Not only is it a waste, but it’s incredibly damaging to your skin.

When you over-exfoliate your skin, you can end up damaging your skin’s moisture barrier. And when that happens it can take months or even years to rebuild. And it leaves your skin susceptible to bacteria and pollution (hello acne!). Stick to just one active ingredient at a time.

Not Moisturizing Enough

skin care common mistakes to avoid

Yes, even those of you who have the oiliest skin on the planet. You still need to moisturize. Why? Well, let me tell you something. I used to be you. My skin was so oily people would comment on it. Loads of mattifying primers, oil control powers and sprays did nothing for me.

It wasn’t until I started a new skincare routine that I noticed how big of a difference your products can make! Once I started moisturizing my skin twice a day and switched to a gentle cleanser, my skin transformed. Seriously. Because, as it turns out, my skin was actually dehydrated. So, it was overcompensating by producing a ton of oil! You can learn more about dehydrated skin here and how to tell if your skin is dehydrated (plus, how to fix it!)

When your skin is not getting enough hydration or moisture, it will compensate for that by producing oils to help keep your skin moisturized. Your skin needs to be moisturized to be healthy! So, by making sure you’re using a good moisturizer 2x a day should dramatically less your oil production.

Keeping your skin moisturized will help improve skin tone, skin texture, oil production, fine lines and wrinkles and even acne.

Skincare Mistakes You’re Making: Wrap Up

It’s easy to make these common skincare mistakes because most people either don’t know any better, or have been taught wrong. Skincare can certainly be overwhelming and that’s where a lot of the confusion comes in. As long as you avoid these skincare mistakes and make a few changes to your routine, you’ll see some improvements in your skin quickly.

What’s a common skincare mistakes that you’re guilty of? Do you have a skincare mistake to avoid that should be added to the list? Let me know down below!

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