How To Apply Self Tan Like A Pro


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can you leave tan on overnight?

How Do You Apply Fake Tan?

If you love having a bronzed glow, learning how to master self tan application is your best bet for a safe and healthy looking glow year-round. Whether you’re a self-tan newbie or just can’t seem to get the application down pat, these self tanning tips for beginners will teach you how to apply self tan flawlessly.

Getting that just-back-from-vacation glow without the harmful effects of laying out in the sun isn’t as hard as it may seem. As an avid self-tanner myself, many of my friends ask me “is it hard to apply self tan?” and it’s really not! With the right techniques and some practice, you’ll master the art of self tan application. Keep on reading to find out how to apply self tanner at home.

How To Apply Self Tan

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Looking for self tan application tips? Look no further for the best self tanning tips to ensure you get a flawless, streak-free glow. Whether you want to know how to apply self tan to back, how to apply self tanner mousse, or how to apply self tanner to face, we cover it all.

How To Apply Self Tanner: Prep

When it comes to applying fake tan, you first need to prep your skin to ensure the fake tan comes out streak-free with no patchiness or dark spots.

Step 1: Shave

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It’s super important to shave before applying fake tan. If you shave after you self tan or get a spray tan, it will just remove all the color. Shaving will also help to exfoliate, which is key to getting a natural looking self tan. Be sure to use a good shaving cream and razor to get a close, smooth shave.

Step 2: Exfoliate

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Exfoliation is key to getting an even, natural looking fake tan. You can use sugar scrubs, a washcloth, exfoliating mitts, etc. My personal favorite is an Italy towel. Whatever exfoliator you choose, make sure you pay close attention to elbows, knees and feet.

Step 3: Clean

When you apply fake tan, you must start with a clean base. That means no lotions, perfumes, deodorant, etc. If you usually use moisturizing body washes, ditch those for a plain, no-frills body wash instead. The butters and oils in the body wash can make your tan turn out patchy and streaky, so it’s important for your skin to be completely clean before applying self tanner.

Step 4: Moisturize Dry Areas

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The only place it’s ok to have lotion on before self tanning are dry areas like hands, wrists, knees, elbows, ankles and feet. These areas are naturally drier, meaning they will hold onto more pigment in the self tan and they will come out much darker than the rest of your body if you aren’t careful. Any basic moisturizer will do, just apply to those dry areas and let it soak in before applying self tanner.

How To Apply Fake Tan: Application

Whether you want to know how to apply self tan mousse or how to apply self tan lotion, these steps are the same.

Use A Mitt

If you want a flawless, natural looking tan with an easy application. you have to apply it with a velvet mitt. It’s a game changer. I don’t recommend applying self tan without a mitt at all. And I especially don’t recommend applying self tan with your bare hands. Please just use the mitt.

Not only does it make application a breeze, but I promise, you tan will come out so much better looking when you apply it with a mitt!

Blend, Blend, Blend

Now that you’re ready to apply your self tanner, put your product on the mitt and start at the legs and work your way up. I always start right above my ankles and work my way up. I always do feet, knees, elbows and hands last. Be sure to do one section at a time. How do you apply self tanner without streaks? Make sure you blend! Long strokes are best when blending in self tanner. Many times when self tan comes out streaky it’s because it wasn’t blended enough. Keep blending the tan in until it feels dry on the skin.

Use Sparingly

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The reason you want to do any dry areas last is because you need to use the self tan very sparingly over these areas. Even with lotion, they can still turn out very dark if you use too much product. You’re going to use what’s leftover on the mitt to apply and blend the self tanner to the feet, ankles, knees, elbows and hands. Don’t get any more product on the mitt, just use what’s left!

Wipe Off Excess Self Tan

For the most natural looking fake tan, take a baby wipe and wipe off any excess self tan, like on your knees or elbows. Even after using lotion and applying sparingly, you can still get dark patches on those dry areas. Gently rub any dark spots with a baby wipe to remove excess tan. Also be sure to wipe off the palms of your hands and around your cuticles.

Let Dry and Develop

Alright, now you’re probably wondering, how long after self tanning can I put on clothes? I usually wait at least 15 minutes. Then dress in loose, dark clothing while it develops. You can follow the directions on the bottle or leave the tan on longer if you want it extra dark. Avoid any moisture like sweating, showering, swimming, etc. while the tan develops.

Self Tanning Tips For Beginners

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Color Guard – some self tanners have what’s called a color guard, which is the color that you see when you apply the tan. It’s to help you see any spots you may have missed when applying. The color guard Is not indicative of what the tan will look like, so don’t freak out. Some tanners have color guards that are green and muddy looking, but when rinsed off, gives a beautiful olive tan. The color guard will also rub off on any clothing or anything you may rub up against, so be careful!

Developing – if you don’t feel the tan is dark enough, leave it on longer! The more product you apply and the longer you leave it on, the darker it will become.

Rinsing – once the tan has developed, you’ll need to rinse it off (which stops it from developing further and getting darker). Do not use any body wash or product when rinsing off the tan. Just water. You’ll see the color guard wash off and your tan will continue to develop after rinsing.

Moisturize – moisturizing will make your tan last longer, as well as keep it looking even and less patchy as it fades.

How To Apply Self Tanner To Face

If you want to apply your self tan mousse or lotion to your face, a brush is the best option to ensure even coverage. Applying self tanner to face with a brush may seem a little odd, but it makes blending the tan a breeze. A dedicated kabuki brush is perfect for applying self tan to the face. Simply add some product onto the brush (you don’t need a lot!) and buff it on. Be sure to blend into your hairline, ears and jawline!

You can use your body self tanner on your face, or get a separate face tanner, like tanning water or drops you mix into your moisturizer. These are more gradual, but have more friendly ingredients and you won’t have to worry about breakouts.

How To Apply Self Tan To Back

If you don’t have anyone to help you apply self tanner to your back, you’re probably wondering how the heck people self tan their backs?! The easiest way to apply fake tan to the back is with a back applicator like below. The long handle makes applying self tanner to your back a breeze. Just apply the product on the sponge and blend, blend, blend!

How To Apply Self Tan To Hands & Feet

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If you struggle with getting a natural looking tan on your hands and feet, consider using a brush to apply fake tan to those areas. A brush will help blend out the color better, so you get a more even tan. Remember to use sparingly on those areas. I like to use what’s leftover on the mitt and lightly rub the mitt on my hands and feet, then go back over with a brush to blend everything out nicely.

Since your hands and feet tend to be drier, they hold on to self tan more than other areas of your body. Which means they have a tendency to turn out much darker. I always rinse my hands off after about 2 or 3 hours so they don’t look so dark.

Self Tanning Tips: FAQ’s

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Here are some additional tips and tricks when it comes to fake tanning application how to’s!

How Often To Apply Self Tanner

How often you should apply or re-apply self tanner all depends on you and your lifestyle! If you properly take care of your tan, it should last about a week before needing to be redone. If you swim, take baths, exercise, etc. your tan will likely need to be reapplied sooner. I apply my tan once a week, but I know several people that self tan twice a week.

Can I Self Tan 2 Days In A Row?

You bet! I do this quite often when my tan doesn’t turn out as dark as I’d like it. Just make sure you rinse off the color guard from the first tan before applying the second coat.

Can You Fake Tan Straight After Showering?

Using self tanner right after the shower is not the best idea if you want a natural looking fake tan. It’s best to wait at least an hour after showering to apply self tan. You need to make sure your skin is completely dry before self tanning and self tanning too soon after a shower leads to the risk of fake tan getting in your pores and leaving little dots all over your legs.

How To Apply Self Tan: Wrap Up

There you have it, how to apply self tan perfectly. With these self tanning tips, you’ll be able to get a natural looking fake tan down pat in no time. Skip the harmful tanning beds and laying out in the sun because self tanning is the safest way to get a gorgeous bronzed glow. Fake tanning doesn’t have to feel daunting, as long as you follow these tips, your tan will turn out great every-time. These fake tan tips for beginners are absolutely necessary, so don’t skip out on a step or two to save time!

It’s no secret that tanning beds and suntanning are terrible for you, so when it comes to tanning, be smart and choose a fake tan every time. Whether it’s a self tanning mousse or lotion, spray tan or gradual tan, they are much better for you in the long run.

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