How To Get Tons Of Volume In Thin Hair


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How to Add Volume to Thin Hair

Today I’m going to be sharing all the tips, tricks and products you need to get volume in thin hair.

Ever see those girls who have thick, luscious hair and wish you could get your hair to at least look remotely similar? Me too. All the time, actually. I’ve always had thin, flat hair and I’ve always hated it.

Luckily, there are a ton of amazing products and techniques out there to help!

So, for this post, I’m going to be sharing my favorite techniques and products to help get volume and fake thick, luscious hair.

The key to giving fine hair lots of volume is texture! You need lots of texture in your hair to get any grip and hold for voluminous hair. So, here is my ultimate guide to add volume in thin hair:

Pick the right shampoo and conditioner

Now, you might not think this matters, but it does. A lot. If you use products that are too moisturizing and heavy, you will weigh your hair down even more. Which makes it even more flat. You want to add volume, not take it away!

So, you need to pick products that are specifically made for thin, fine hair.

For example, I once tested out a moisturizing shampoo. Bad mistake. I washed my hair, dried it, and it looked like I hadn’t even washed it. It looked greasy. Like I hadn’t washed it in days.

You also need to make sure that you are getting your hair clean! If you have a lot of product buildup, it will have the same effect. Weighed down flat hair. Not good.

This will definitely take some experimenting because everyone has different hair. You might not realize it, but hair is very complex. It can be high porosity, low porosity, low moisture, low protein, etc. It took me a long time (and a lot of products) to find ones that work great for me.

Seriously. I spent so much money and time testing product after product. But, that means I can give you all a lot of great recommendations! The right shampoo and conditioner give your hair the perfect foundation for adding volume in thin hair.

Prep Correctly

If you want lots of volume, you need to use the right products! You can’t just wash your hair and blow dry it and expect it to be voluminous. It just doesn’t work like that for us fine-haired girls. Although, I really really wish it did.

So, after you wash your hair, towel dry it (very gently!). I use this towel and it really cuts down on damage and frizz. Then apply the following products on your damp, towel dried hair.

First, you will need a heat protectant. No negotiations on this one. If you aren’t using a heat protectant, you can cause a lot of breakage and damage, meaning you could be making your hair even thinner! You can read more about how heat protectants prevent damage here.

Just spray or apply throughout your hair and comb (with a wet brush!) through to evenly distribute. Read more about Wet Brushes here.

Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry Express Primer

Matrix Total Results Length Goals Perfector Heat Protectant

Next, you will need a root lifter. I mean need. It will make the biggest difference.

A root lifter does it exactly what it sounds like. Lifts your roots. It adds texture and hold so that your roots will stay up and fake the look of thicker hair. It will also ensure that the volume actually lasts instead of falling flat 10 minutes later.

I section off my hair and apply in sections. Then massage it into my roots. You don’t need a ton of product here!

Big Sexy Hair Root Pump Plus

Redken Guts 10

Rusk Volumize 02

Finally, you need a “finisher.” I use the vague term finisher because there are so many different voluming and thickening styling products and they really don’t have a general term. Personally, I really like mousse’s or spray’s. They do make cream products, but remember, heavy things can weigh hair down. You want to stick to lighter products.

Just look for volumizing or thickening mousse or spray. A mousse tends to have more hold and help your style last longer. A spray is lighter and won’t weigh your hair down so much. You might just have to experiment to see which one your hair likes best.

I tend to use one or the other depending on my week. If I really need my style to hold then I will use a mousse. Or if I want some really big hair, then I’ll use a spray.

Bumble and Bumble Thickening Spray

Kenra Platinum Thickening Spray

Kenra Platinum Thickening Mousse

The Blow Dry Technique

Now that you’ve got all your products applied, time to blow dry!

I like to section off my hair because it makes it easier and also dries faster this way. I use these clips to section my hair. You want pretty small sections that way each section will dry quickly and you can get close to the root with the brush.

You can really use any ol’ blow dryer and brush that you have. BUT, I highly recommend at least getting a big round brush. This will add so much volume and make it much easier to get that full hair.

And, if you’re like me and can’t give yourself a blowout to save your life, I have a great solution for you. The Revlon One Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer. Seriously, this makes it SO EASY to get a salon quality blowout and TONS of volume! I fooled around with a regular hair dryer and round brush for a really long time. Too long, really. Yes, it got the job done, but it was never as good as it could be. And it ceraintly wasn’t easy. Especially for my long hair.

Enter the Revlon Dryer. Changed my life. Speeds up drying time. By a lot. Literally takes me 10 minutes to get a great blowout. So much easier to manage and maneuver. And, gives GREAT volume. It’s perfect because you can get right up to the root with it, which is what you want!

So, you just section your hair off, place the dryer at the ROOT and pull through the hair UP and OUT. The up and out are KEY! This is where you will get tons of volume.

Finishing products

Once your hair is dry, you need to finish it all off! If your hair is like mine and just does not want to cooperate, then you definitely need some finishing products. I love texture sprays. Texture sprays can be used all over for added volume in thin hair. Spray at the root and throughout the hair for ultimate volume.

A good volumizing hair spray works great as well! Personally, I use both, but I only use hairspray at the root for ultimate lift and hold.

I just section my hair off like I do when I’m getting ready to blow dry it and spray the texture spray or hair spray at the root. The important part is to LET THE HAIR SPRAY DRY WHILE THE HAIR IS “UP.” I usually quickly spray my sections and then use a clip to clip it to the top of my head so that my roots aren’t flat against my head. This way the hair will “dry” in a position that’s up and out, giving you more volume. I hope this part makes sense. If not, please comment down below and I will try and explain it in a different way.

Finally, after your hair is dry, take out the clip and you’ll have volume for days! I usually will have to finger comb it a little to lay correctly so that I don’t have hairs sticking out everywhere. But, the volume! You guys. I’m telling you. You will have some big hair. But, that’s what you’re after, right?

Kenra Dry Volume Burst

Bumble and Bumble Dry Spun Texture Spray

Living Proof Full Dry Volume Blast

Big Sexy Hair Spray and Play Volumzing Hair Spray

Trust me, this routine will give you tons of volume in thin hair and you will have that thick, luscious voluminous hair that people envy. I hope you will at least give it a try and see how it works for you. And if you do, let me know down in the comments!

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