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No matter what your goals in life are, motivation is the key to achieving them. That’s why motivation is so important in life. If you don’t have motivation, you won’t have the drive to accomplish and go after your dreams. Say you want to take a course to get a professional certification to help your career. How hard would it be to pass the course if you have no motivation to put in the work?

To do anything or accomplish anything in life, you have to be willing to put in the work. And when there’s no motivation, there’s no will to put in the work.

But, why is understanding motivation important in life? If you understand human motivation, you can use that knowledge to help motivate yourself at times. Throughout life (or even the day) your motivation will change. At times you will feel unmotivated to continue. Other times you will be so motivated you can end up overworking yourself.

Understanding why motivation changes can help us in those times when we just don’t care. So let’s work on understanding why motivation is important in life (and why it’s okay to be unmotivated at times).

What Is Motivation?

In order to understand why motivation is important, we first need to understand what exactly motivation is. Sure, you know the feeling of being motivated, but can you put motivation into words? How do you define it?

Motivation is defined as “the general desire or willingness of someone to do something.

Motivation is what drives you to keep going when you’re exhausted during your workout. Motivation is what keeps you up all night studying for your big exam. It’s what causes you to do something. To act. To accomplish goals.

But motivation is so much more than just having a desire to do something. In order to really accomplish your goals you have to keep going. Keeping working towards that goal until you reach it. Motivation should continue throughout your life until you reach that goal.

Why We Need Motivation In Our Life

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How does motivation (or lack of motivation) affect our lives? Why is motivation so important? Having motivation is the reason why we are able to accomplish our goals and dreams, no matter how big they may seem. Without motivation, we would probably all be lazy couch potatoes. Without it, we wouldn’t have the technology and luxuries we have today. When you lack motivation, it can feel like you are missing your drive, your purpose or passion.

When we are faced with obstacles or challenges, it’s easy to come up with excuses like “it’s just not the right time” or “I’ll figure it out later.” That’s because we lack motivation in that moment.

The importance of motivation is key to putting in hard work to attain success in life. Without motivation, we would never accomplish our goals and dreams. Motivation is key in all areas of life. From school, to work, to leadership, to personal goals and dreams. Without it, it would be hard to attain anything in life that is meaningful to you.

What Are The Benefits Of Motivation?

Being motivated in life can set you apart from those who aren’t. It can catapult you ahead. Motivation has so many amazing benefits that you might not even realize. It’s more than just having the desire to do something. Motivation can truly change your whole life. That’s why motivation is so important in life.

1. Motivation Helps You Overcome Setbacks

We all know that life throws you curveballs. Sometimes huge curveballs. And depending on how you look at the situation, it can either help you or hurt you. Motivation can help you overcome those setbacks, bounce back and move on towards your goal faster.

No matter what your goal is, you’ll face challenges. Roadblocks. You’ll fail. You’ll want to quit. But motivation will keep you going through all of that.

2. You’ll Learn So Much More

what are the benefits of motivation in life

Without motivation, learning will never take place. You need to have that desire or drive to take that first step. Without it, you won’t ever take that step and you won’t have any challenges to face or obstacles to overcome. You won’t learn from certain situations. Learning can help us develop new skills and grow as a person. Learning is a part of life and a part of growing, so we need to continue to learn throughout our lives.

3. Motivation Helps You Be More Productive

When you’re motivated, you have the drive and willingness to put in the work. Without it, whatever task you’re trying to accomplish will be that much harder. Motivation will make you more determined and allow you to accomplish the task at hand.

For example, when I’m motivated, I can write my blog posts much faster. I can usually get at least 1,500 word post done and published in just a couple hours. Whereas when I’m not motivated, I struggle with getting anything written at all. But that’s the thing about motivation, it comes in waves, and you can’t be motivated all the time. And that’s okay!

4. Motivation Is Contagious

When you’re motivated, it will help inspire and motivate others as well. When someone sees you being successful at something, it makes them want to put in the work to be successful as well. It also works the other way, surrounding yourself with successful and motivated people will, in turn, motivate you more!

When you see someone accomplishing their dreams, doesn’t that motivate you and make you want to work harder? I know it does for me.

5. You’ll Have More Energy

When you’re truly motivated, it can be amazing to see what you can do. Motivation gives you the energy to accomplish your tasks, even when you’re absolutely exhausted. When you’re excited about what you’re doing, you won’t feel tired (even if you actually are) and you’ll have tons of energy to keep going and working towards that end goal!

That’s why finding something you love to do is so important. For example, if your goal is to lose 10 pounds and you choose to start running on the treadmill to help you reach that goal faster. But if you hate the treadmill, it’s going to be extremely hard for you to keep up with your exercise regimen. You’ll dread it everyday and you’ll struggle with doing your best. However, if you choose a Zumba class instead, and you love doing Zumba, you’ll look forward to it and have the energy to make sure you’re giving it your all.

6. You’ll Be Happier

When you succeed at your goal, you will feel so happy, accomplished and proud. As you should! That happiness will continue to motivate you down the line as well because as humans, we want to feel happy. And when we do, we will do everything possible to keep that feeling.

Easy Motivational Tips

Now that we’ve touched on why motivation is important, let’s talk about what to do when you don’t feel motivated. These motivational tips will help inspire you and light up some motivation so you can keep crushing your goals. These motivational tips are perfect for work, students, and just life in general and can work in many different situations.

1. Get Moving

motivation and its importance in life

When you’re feeling unmotivated, sometimes it can help to just get up and walk around! When laziness sets in, just get up and walk around your house, up and down your street or even in your backyard for a few minutes. I highly recommend getting outside and walking around. Something about the fresh air just really motivates me.

Sometimes the lack of motivation is due to being sleepy, so getting your blood flowing will help instantly perk you up and motivate you. Take a trip to the park or walk your dog down the street. If the weather is bad, just walk around your house or do some jumping jacks. Anything to get the blood flowing!

2. Write Down Your Goals

Think about your “why.” Why are you working towards this goal? Why are you doing this work? Re-establishing the connection between you goal and the work will help motivate you. You will be able to focus on that end goal.

3. Reward Yourself

When you’re feeling unmotivated, tell yourself that when you complete ‘X’ task, you’ll reward yourself with something. It can be anything like buying that new pair of shoes you’ve been eyeing, or watching a few episodes of your favorite new show.

Any kind of incentive will help motivate you to keep going and working towards your end goal!

4. Create A Vision Board

A vision board is a great way to inspire motivation simply by looking at it! A vision board will help you focus on your end goal and inspire you. For example, if you goal is to buy a new house, putting up some pictures of your dream home on your vision board is the perfect way to instantly get that motivation flowing again. All you’ll need to do is take a look at those houses and you’ll be motivated again.

5. Create A To-Do List

Sometimes when you’re not feeling motivated, it can be because there’s so much on your plate you just don’t even know where to begin and it overwhelms you. Creating a to-do list will help you break down everything you need to do into little steps so it doesn’t seem as daunting.

And then when you check off that first thing off your to-do list, you’ll instantly feel more motivated to keep going!

Motivational Quotes To Help Inspire You

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Here are some of my favorite motivational quotes I love to read when I’m feeling unmotivated. Be sure to save this post so you can refer back to these quotes when you’re needing some motivation inspiration!

The only difference between where you are and where you want to be is the steps you haven’t taken yet. – Rigel Dawson

A little progress each day adds up to big results

Focus on the step in front of you. Not the whole staircase.

If you get tired, learn to rest, not quit.

Don’t wish for it. Work for it.

Growth is growth no matter how small

It always seems impossible until it’s done.

— Nelson Mandela

Why Motivation Is Important In Life

While motivation is extremely important in life, it’s important to remember that no one is motivated all the time. It’s ok to feel unmotivated! It’s completely normal. Just accept that and be ok with it when it happens. But when you really need to get some work done, try these motivational tips to help inspire you and motivate you to continue towards your goals.

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