45+ Beautiful Baby Blue Nails For All Skin Tones

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Baby blue nails are one of the few colors you can wear year round, plus it looks good on all skin tones! If you are looking for some beautiful blue nails ideas, you have come to the right place. From simple and understated designs to more complex and intricate styles, there is something for everyone here. These baby blue nails ideas will sure inspire you for your next visit to the nail salon.

The color baby blue is known to be calming and create a nice feeling of tranquility and peace. Although it’s known as the “boys” color, thanks to the baby boom after World War II, it’s such a pretty color that can be paired with many different other accent colors and designs and it truly looks great on all skin tones, light or dark.

Baby Blue Nails

Baby Blue And Gold Marble Nails

Marble nails are so trendy right now and the gold foil looks stunning with this baby blue nail polish! Although these nails are longer, this design would look equally as pretty on almond or short nails.

Sheer Baby Blue Nails With Daisy

If you’re looking for baby blue nails with flowers, this daisy nail art is so cute and perfect for spring and summer. I love the soft baby blue color that’s a little bit sheer – it’s subtle but so cute.

Baby Blue Nails With Flowers & French Tips

You can’t go wrong with a french tip and using a baby blue instead of white is perfect for spring and summer. Not to mention the flower nail art! It’s simple yet cute and you can easily do the flowers at home with a toothpick.

Baby Blue French Manicure

These mix n match nails are so simply but unique and classy! The light blue color is gorgeous and would look beautiful on all skin tones. Plus the gorgeous almond shape looks so pretty with the classic white french tips!

Light Blue & Gold Foil Nails

I love this soft blue color – it’s the perfect spring pastel blue! This mani is spiced up with a little extra gold foil to make your nails pop.

Baby Blue Nails With Glitter

Simple yet fun! The long square shape looks so pretty yet natural. Just a simple blue nail polish but the glitter accent nails keep this mani fun and unique.

Floral Baby Blue Nails

Baby blue nails pair perfectly with white accents! I love the modern take on a french tip on the ring finger. Plus those gorgeous white flowers on the middle finger! Super fun and easy to do yourself at home.

Baby Blue Nails With Glitter

This gorgeous blue nail polish would look so pretty on dark and tan skin tones! It will really make your skin tone pop and bring out that beautiful skin color! The blue glitter adds the perfect pop to this mani so it’s not boring.

Shimmer Baby Blue Nails

This beautiful almost periwinkle color is so unique and absolutely stunning! I love the subtle shimmer it has – it’s so classy! And paired with the subtle white nail art on the ring finger, plus a few fun rhinestones, this mani is so beautiful and unique.

Baby Blue Acrylic Nails

baby blue nails with flowers

This soft baby blue nail color would be perfect for a baby shower! It’s such a gorgeous shade and looks beautiful with a matte finish. The clear accent nail is so unique and fun! With flowers and jewels, this mani is so girly and feminine.

Retro Blue Nails

baby blue nails acrylic

Retro nails are trending now and with these beautiful blue tones, you cannot go wrong! I love the sheer milky base paired with whites, baby blues and medium blues to create a colorful yet subtle mani.

Baby Blue And White Nails

baby blue and white nails

If you’re wanting some flower nail art, this one is so unique! The black looks beautiful paired with the creamy white and light blue polish. It’s simple yet fun!

Cloud Nails

A light blue polish just calls for cloud nail art! These are so fun and cute, especially for spring and summer! The white and blue look so good together.

Retro French Tips

baby blue nails french tip

These baby blue almond nails are so beautiful with the patterned french tip! I love the wavy lines on the tips – it’s such a simple nail art but it looks so unique and beautiful.

Marble Nails

How stunning are these marble nails?! With the milky nude base and pops of white and blue marble – gorgeous! Plus that gold foil? This mani is one of my favs!

Baby Blue Nails With Flowers

baby blue nails almond long

The flower nail art on these are so beautiful! The milky nude base color makes the nail art pop! The black polish is unique and creates a super classy look paired with the blue flowers.

Short & Square

baby blue nails short

Can’t beat a simple mani! I love short nails and you can’t go wrong with a square shape! Plus that color is perfect! Look how it makes her skin tone pop!

Abstract Nails

These nails are so fun and unique! I love that nude rose color paired with a milky white and baby blue! The brush strokes are so unique and look gorgeous on this almond shape. Plus you can totally do this yourself.

Retro Nails

baby blue nails almond

I am loving the negative space nail trend! These are so beautiful! Simple, classy and elegant. The almond shape is my favorite paired with the fun wavy lines and pops of blue, it’s the perfect retro mani.

Baby Blue Almond Nails

Sweet and simple! Almond nails can turn a simple mani into an elegant, classy and stunning mani, even with just a plain nail polish. This light blue is perfect for dark skin tones.

Modern French Nails

baby blue nails long

If you love the look and class of a french tip, try this modern take on a french mani! I love the angled tip and the color is perfect to spice up a classic nail. Super fun and unique for spring and summer.

Blue & White Nails

baby blue nails coffin acrylic

This beautiful grey-blue color looks incredible paired with the white and silver accents. The matte finish adds a little pizazz and the subtle marble accent on the white nail looks STUNNING! And don’t even get my started on that gorgeous silver foil! It looks so beautiful and it makes the mani just pop.

Baby Blue Nails With Flowers & French Tips

baby blue nails daisies

This light blue nail color is absolutely perfect for spring – it’s literally the perfect pastel blue! The almond shape is elegant and the nude base allows the blue and white to pop!

Baby Blue Nails With White Flowers

I love this blue color – it has a little hint of purple and since it’s a darker blue, the white flowers stand out! I also love how the flowers are alternated in a U or horseshoe shape – it’s such a little detail but it really makes the mani so so cute!

Ombre French Tips

There’s something about ombre french tips that just look so gorgeous no matter what color you use! Classy and elegant yet simple and unique! I love the nude and blue colors used together on this mani – and it pops against her gorgeous darker skin tone!

French Tip Flowers

Can’t decide between french tips and flower nail art? Well now you don’t have to! These are so fun and unique! Amp up a simple almond french tip with some cute daisies!

Negative Space Nails

baby blue nails gel

Not only does this color look so stunning on her tan skin, but I am loving the french tip and reverse french tip accent nails! I’m normally an almond nail kinda gal, but these short square nails are making me want to switch up my mani.

Abstract Nails

Nude and blue – can’t go wrong! I love this shade of blue for the summer months! And paired with a sheer nude, it keeps the mani more subtle and not so bright.

Matte & Marble

This icy blue is so stunning and that nail art?! It totally reminds me of one of those geode rock cakes!

Baby Blue Nails

OPI can do no wrong- if you’re looking for the perfect baby blue nail polish, OPI has always got your back. This color would look stunning on all skin tones!

Abstract Nails

If you’re wanting something unique but still subtle, try some nude accent nails with pops of white and blue nail art. Retro and abstract nails are trending now and I love how subtle these are but they’re still fun.

Cloud Nails

There’s something just so pretty about matte and glossy nails mixed together in one mani. The grey-blue color is so pretty and the matte accent nails with clouds and rhinestones are so cute!

Baby Blue Nails With Floral Nail Art

cute baby blue nails

This is such a soft shade of blue, it’s subtle yet still perfect for spring and summer. The milky nude accent nail with the white flowers would be so easy to do on your own for a unique mani.

Flowers Nails

Ugh how pretty are these flowers?! The yellow brown color just pops against the light blue! Plus I love short nails so I am all about these, but they would totally look just as good on longer or acrylic nails.

Frosty Nails

baby blue nails silver

If these aren’t the most perfect baby blue nails for winter, I don’t know what are! The icy blue, frosty white and chunky silver glitter just scream winter! They would also make cute new years nails!

Wavy Lines

If you’re wanting some nail art ideas that are easy to do at home, this mani is super simple and would just take a few strokes to create some wavy lines.

Baby Blue Nails Coffin

I love a good ombre nail – they’re perfect for when you can’t decide on what color you want so you can just get them all! Although these are acrylics and on the longer side, you can easily do this on short nails and it would look just as good.

Flower Nails

How cute are these? The sheer nude base allows the gorgeous blue flowers to pop! These are the perfect spring and summer nails! And you could totally do different colors to make them even more fun and bright.

Butterfly Nails

How cute are the pink butterflies?! These would be perfect for a gender reveal party!

Flame Nails

Flame nails are so trendy right now and the baby blue color looks so pretty! It’s subtle yet fun!

Pop Art Nails

These nails totally remind me of pop art! I love the black polka sots paired with the periwinkle polish. These would be so easy to do at home as well!

Matte Baby Blue Nails

baby blue nails matte

If you’re wanting some simple nail art, look no further. The long coffin shape and matte light blue polish are pretty enough on it’s own, but the royal blue heart accent looks so cute and adds just a little extra uniqueness to this mani.

Blueberry Nails

Don’t these nails just scream spring and summer? The sheer milky white is stunning and paired with the cute blueberry nail art, these nails are so unique and fun!


baby blue nail art

Who doesn’t love daisies? And if you’re wearing baby blue nails, daisy nail art is practically required!

Sheer Shimmer Gel Nails

baby blue nails glitter

These frosty blue nails are so pretty and would look perfect in the winter. I love the sheer shimmer – it’s not too over the top but still festive and classy.

Glitter & Marble Nails

baby blue nail designs

These blues are absolutely stunning! I don’t know which I love more, the blue glitter or the marble! All of it is just stunning.

Soft Ombre Nails

If you want something super subtle, these subtle ombre nails are so gorgeous! The almond shape looks so classy and the soft ombre is unique and feminine.

Pops Of Blue

baby blue nails gel

This mani is so simple but so gorgeous! The short rounded nail is natural but elegant looking, paired with a milky nude base and abstract lines with pops of baby blue!

Light Blue Nail Ideas Wrap Up

Blue nails can be fun and bright, or simple and elegant. Whether you’re looking for a new baby blue nail idea for yourself or for your clients, we’ve got you covered.

If you are looking for some beautiful blue nails ideas, you have come to the right place. We have collected 38+ of the best baby blue nail designs for you to try. From simple and understated designs to more complex and intricate styles, there is something for everyone here. So why not give one of these amazing designs a go? You won’t be disappointed!

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