7 Best Korean Cleansing Balms You Must Try

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what's the best korean cleanser balm

What Is The Best Korean Cleansing Balm?

In the world of Korea beauty, cleansing is arguably the most important step in any skincare routine. Without cleansing properly, you can leave behind dirt, oil, makeup and bacteria that can lead to acne, aging, rough skin texture and more. Cleansing balms are a great way to ensure you’re properly cleansing your skin, so be sure to check out these best Korean cleansing balms.

When it comes to picking out the right products, it’s helpful to know your skin type, so you can narrow down whether or not a product will work for you or not. Odds are, the product is formulated for a specific skin type, so make sure you’re looking at the right products. This list of best K-beauty cleansing balms will make it easy to pick out the right oil cleanser for you based on your skin type.

What Is A Cleansing Balm?

A cleansing balm is a type of oil based cleanser that typically has a thicker consistency, such as sherbert. Oil cleansing balms are great because they contain oils that help dissolve makeup, oil, dirt and bacteria without pulling or tugging on the skin. The oil easily removes waterproof and long-wearing makeup and sunscreen.

Oil cleansing first became popular when K Beauty started to trend. Korean skincare often involves a 10 step routine, the first of which is a double cleanse with, you guessed it, oil cleansers!

So if you’re looking for the best Korean cleansing balms, then keep on reading!

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Best Korean Oil Cleansing Balms

korean cleansing balm for dry skin

Top Pick For All Skin Types

Then I Met You Living Cleansing Balm

Starting off with one of the best Korean cleansing balms for all skin types, this 12x award-winning cleansing balm is packed with sea buckthorn, which gives the balm a bright yellow color. Not only does it make this k beauty cleansing balm insanely pretty, but it gives the formula its silky-smooth feel that glides onto the skin and melts effortlessly. Sea buckthorn oil is rich in omega fatty acids which help to hydrate skin, strengthen skin’s moisture barrier and help with anti-aging. All in all, this is a great Korean cleansing balm that all skin types can use.

Best Korean Cleansing Balm For Acne-Prone Skin

Glow Recipe Papaya Cleansing Balm

As with anything Glow Recipe, I knew I had to get my hands on this as soon as it launched. And man, did it sure live up to its expectations! This balm cleanser starts out as a super smooth sherbert like texture that melts into a milky oil. It’s one of the creamiest cleansing balms I’ve ever used. What makes this cleansing balm great for acne prone skin is that it’s got papaya enzymes that help to gently exfoliate dead skin cells away so they don’t get trapped in your pores. Papaya Seed Oil, Camellia Japonica Seed Oil and Apricot Kernel Oil are rich in vitamins and fatty acids to help nourish and hydrate skin without being too heavy.

Best Korean Cleansing Balm For Anti-Aging

Enature Moringa Cleansing Balm

Moringa pterygosperma seed extract is the star of the show in this K-Beauty cleansing balm. Moringa seed extract helps to naturally build collagen to smooth out fine lines, which makes it ideal for aging skin or anyone concerned with anti-aging. The texture of this cleansing balm is smooth and very lightweight, so it’s great for combination and oily skin types as well. Although it’s a great formula, this oil cleansing balm does contain fragrance, so pass on this one if you have sensitive skin.

Best Korean Cleansing Balm For Sensitive Skin

Enature Skin Pot Cleansing Balm

With minimal ingredients, this Korean cleansing balm is perfect for sensitive skin. Hemp seed oil works to instantly dissolve impurities while enriching skin with omega fatty acids. The pomegranate ferment fruit extract helps to kill acne causing bacteria and rebalances the skin’s microbiome. This buttery formula melts down instantly on contact, which makes it easy to glide over your skin. It rinses clean and leaves skin feeling soft and supple.

Best Korean Cleansing Balm For Dry Skin

Banila Co Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm – Nourishing

Just as good as the original cult-classic, reddit approved Korean cleansing balm, but formulated specifically for dry skin types. This super silky balm cleanser is packed with squalene oil and royal jelly extract to deeply nourish and moisturize the skin. Another star ingredient in this oil balm cleanser is Acerola, which has lots of antioxidants and other nutrients to keep skin healthy. The formula rinses clean and leaves skin feeling nourished and not stripped, making it the perfect cleansing balm for dry skin types.

Runner Up:

Hanskin Pore Cleansing Balm PHA

This beloved K beauty cleansing balm is a best-seller for a reason. A blend of Sunflower Seed Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Olive Fruit Oil, Cameilla Japonica Seed Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil and Jojoba Seed Oil give this cleaning balm a super luxurious and silky feel. These oils are packed with omega fatty acids and nutrients to moisturize skin and keep the moisture barrier healthy and strong. Gently exfoliating PHA’s work to remove dead skin cells, leaving behind soft and smooth skin that’s not dried out. This Hanskin pore cleansing balm is a winner for dry skin types!

Best Korean Cleansing Balm For Oily Skin

Banila Co Clean It Zero Pore Clarifying

Banila Clean It Zero makes this list twice because the formula is just that good. A reddit and K-beauty fanatic favorite, this pore clarifying version has grape seed and jojoba oil that are lightweight and perfect for oily skin types. But what makes this the best K Beauty cleansing balm is that it’s formulated with a Tri-Peel Acid Blend with BHA, AHA and LHA to gently exfoliate, unclog pores and regulate oil production. If you have oily skin, pick up this balm cleanser ASAP!

Best K Beauty Balm Cleanser: Wrap Up

Korean cleansing balms are a favorite because they often have some of the best skincare ingredients while remaining at an affordable price. The only drawback to Korean beauty is the never ending products. This list of best Korean cleansing balms will help you narrow down your search in the world of K-beauty for the best oil cleansing balm for your skin type.

Is your favorite cleansing balm on this list of Best Korean Cleansing Balms? Let me know what your favorite korean oil balm cleanser is down below in the comments!

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