Summer Nail Design Ideas For 2021

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If you’re looking for the most popular summer nail designs, summer nail colors and summer nail trends then check out these 40+ summer nail design ideas for 2021.

Summer nails are always so much fun! From vibrant bright colors, to soft pastels and classic whites, you can always have fun and experiment with new trends during the summer.

summer nail design ideas

1. Neon French Tips

Get similar purple: OPI Poly Want A Lacquer?
Get similar yellow: OPI Never A Dulles Moment
Get similar orange: OPI Crawfishin’ For A Compliment
Get similar Pink: Zoya Kitridge

2. Ombre French Tips

Get similar pinks from dark to light:
OPI Running With the In-finite Crowd
OPI Shorts Story
OPI Two-timing the Zones
OPI Mod About You

3. Lightning Bolt Nails

Get similar colors:

Green: OPI That’s Hue-larious
Yellow: OPI One Chic Chick
Orange: OPI Crawfishin’ For A Compliment
Pink: OPI Pink-ing Of You

4. Abstract White Nails

Similar white: OPI Funny Bunny

5. Pink & Orange Abstract Nails

Similar pink: OPI Girl Without Limits
Similar orange: OPI Endurance Race To The Finish

6. Pastel Nails

7. Bright Pink Nails

Get similar hot pink polish: Zoya Kelsey

8. Lavender and Orange Nails

Get similar lavender: Zoya Abby
Get similar orange: OPI Crawfishin’ For A Compliment

9. Butterfly Nails

similar purple: Zoya Evette

10. Pastel Rainbow

11. Gorgeous Nudes

12. Coral Nails

13. Tropical Nails

14. Pastel Marble Nails

15. Milky White & Blush

16. Sage & Gold Swirls

17. Lavender Abstract Nails

18. Neon Waves

19. Pink Ombre

20. Classic White Nails

21. French Ombre Nails

22. Blue Marble Nails

23. Blue Nails

24. Pink Star Nails

25. Pastel Nails

26. Matte Rainbow Nails

27. Baby Blue Nails

28. Fruit Nails

29. Pink Lemonade Nails

30. Daisy Nails

31. Cowprint Nails

32. Retro Nails

33. Pastel Stripes

34. Peach & Pink

35. Matte Purple

36. Bright Sunset

37. Nude Snake Print

38. Cotton Candy Marble

39. Animal Print

animal print nails for summer

40. Palm Nails

summer nail design ideas

41. Flower Nails

summer nail colors for 2021

Which Is Your Favorite Summer Nail Design Idea?

Personally, I love anything white, nude and pastels. You’ll usually find me rocking OPI Funny Bunny all summer long! But I will say I’m so tempted to try out some of these fun and bright colors this year. Which of these summer nail design ideas will you be rocking this year?

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