25+ Best Winter Nail Colors For 2021

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Winter Nail Colors For 2021

Winter is fast approaching and will be here before you know it, so now is the best time to start looking for winter nail colors so you’re prepared. Winter nail trends are so fun and festive, so it’s always a great time to get out of your comfort zone with your nail colors!

I used to always wear the same neutral nail colors but lately I’ve been branching out and I’m loving it. Nails are so fun and are a great way to express yourself.

What are you favorite winter nail colors? Do you love or hate the winter nail trends?

This year, the hottest winter nail colors seem to be frosty, glitz and glam!

Best Winter Nail Colors For 2021

Here’s an updated list of the best winter nail colors. If you’re looking for nail colors for brown skin, light skin, dark winter nail colors, shimmer nail colors or anything in between, these winter nail Polish colors are for you!

White Winter Nail Colors

There’s nothing like a classic winter white, nail polish, but you can always switch it up with a glitzy off-white or frosty cream nail color instead! These white nail colors for winter are so in style and will great for any occasion.

1. OPI Naughty or Ice?

This frosty white nail polish is perfect all winter long. The creamy white with subtle shimmer looks gorgeous on light and dark skin.

2. OPI Funny Bunny

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OPI Funny Bunny is such a versatile shade and works perfectly as a white winter nail color. Add some silver or gold glitter for an extra festive look that’s perfect for all your holiday parties.

3. Essie Twinkle In Time

This creamy, iridescent nail color is stunning on darker skin tones and would look great as a winter nail color, holiday or New Years nail color. This color os elegant enough to wear on its own, but would look extra gorgeous as an accent nail with a deep navy blue.

4. Essie Marshmallow

Essie Marshmallow is such a classic winter nail color! A milky white that’s sheer and looks oh so elegant.

5. Sally Hansen Let’s Snow

This milky white polish is another great winter nail color that you can’t go wrong with! It’s very similar to Essie Marshmallow, but much more opaque.

6. OPI This Color Hits All The High Notes

What a gorgeous winter nail color, am I right? If there’s a nail color that screams winter, this is it! It’s an icy blue nail color that has an iridescent sparkle.

Neutral Winter Nail Colors

If you’re more of a simple gal, these neutral winter nail colors are perfect! They look so elegant and sophisticated but still perfect for the frosty winter.

1. OPI Gingerbread Man Can

This cool toned brown with a little shimmer looks perfect on light and dark skin tones. The shimmer makes this color look more elegant than a traditional brown.

2. OPI Linger Over Coffee

OPI’s linger over coffee is a unique winter nail color that you need in your life! A purple brown mauve color that looks so gorgeous on medium skin tones. It’s not your traditional winter nail color but it’s so pretty!

3. OPI Cosmo Not Tonight Honey!

A gorgeous champagne shimmer nail color that is the perfect neutral nail color for all your holiday parties this winter. This neutral color will look good with any outfit and looks elegant without being boring.

4. OPI Staying Neutral

This dark taupe is one of my favorite winter nail colors of all time. It looks gorgeous on light, medium and dark skin tones. It’s the perfect shade without being too light or too dark. Snag this color up!

Blue & Green Winter Nail Colors

You can’t go wrong with an icy blue or shimmering teal for the perfect winter mani! These gorgeous jewel toned hues are perfect for the cold December and January months.

1. OPI Turn On The Northern Lights

This is one of the prettiest shades in the OPI Iceland collection. Although it’s not your traditional winter nail color, you can’t tell me it’s not absolutely perfect! The deep purple paired with the iridescent shimmer is just gorgeous together!

2. OPI To All A Good Night

Who doesn’t love a teal shimmer for winter nails?! This is the perfect teal color that’s not too bright and the shimmer adds so much to this nail color.

4. OPI Did You See Those Mussels?

Another icy blue winter nail color that’s the perfect light blue color. The shimmer and iridescent colors are so popular, so you can’t go wrong with this frosty blue nail color!

5. OPI Reach For The Sky

This is one of my favorite blue nail colors of all time. It’s the perfect blue gray nail color that’s mild enough to be a neutral color without being boring. This color will look so pretty by itself or with some silver glitter.

6. OPI CIA= Color Is Awesome

This deep teal is even more stunning in person and would look amazing on any skin type. It’s the perfect winter nail color for fair skin and dark skin. This color is so gorgeous, it speaks for itself.

7. OPI Things I’ve Seen in Aber-green

Olive green is the perfect fall nail color, but this deep olive polish can take you into the winter months as well.

8. Essie Love At Frost Sight

This Essie frosty blue nail color with shimmer is another perfect blue winter nail color. If you want a nail that’s a little bit brighter than some of the other frosty blue colors, this ones for you!

Pink & Purple Winter Nail Colors

From stunning berry colors, to deep and vampy wine inspired nails, pink and purple nails are perfect for winter! Bright and festive or dark and vampy, you’ll be sure to find a color you love!

1. OPI Dressed to the Wines

This deep red wine nail color with a gorgeous shimmer is one of the prettiest nail colors of all time! Not only does it make a great winter nail color, but it’s also perfect for the holiday’s and Christmas.

2. OPI Let’s Take An Elfie

Another, unique winter nail color! With this deep plum color and pearlescent finish, it will look absolutely gorgeous on darker skin tones.

3. OPI Merry In Cranberry

A deep, berry pink with a pearlescent finish, it’s one of the prettiest winter nail colors that’s unique, elegant and fun all at the same time.

6. OPI Reykjavik Has All the Hot Spots

A pearlescent pink-mauve color that’s the perfect winter nail color for fair skin.

8. OPI Vampsterdam

This is one of my most favorite winter nail colors of all time, and if you’ve ever seen this color on, you’ll know why. Just trust me on this one and snag this Polish up.

9. OPI Boys Be Thistle-ing at Me

As if this plum nail color couldn’t be more gorgeous, they added a pearlescent finish to put it over the top.

Red & Orange Winter Nail Colors

You can never go wrong with a classic holiday red! Spice it up a little with some shimmer and sparkle or go for a deep berry wine instead.

1. OPI Red-y For The Holidays

If you’re looking for the perfect winter red nail color, OPI’s Red-y For The Holidays is it. A tad bit deeper red that makes it the perfect color without getting into the wine red colors.

2. OPI Berry On Forever

The most perfect berry winter nail color that’s a must have for winter 2021! The berry nail colors are going to be so trendy this winter, so make sure to pick this one up.

3. OPI Raisin’ The Bar

This dark red-brown nail color looks stunning on dark skin tones. It’s the perfect mix of red and brown that looks so elegant!

4. OPI Bogotá Blackberry

This deep red wine red color belongs in your nail Polish collection! The pearlescent finish makes this color a little more elegant and insanely pretty.

5. OPI An Affair in Red Square

Another very pretty pearlescent red winter nail color that looks amazing on lighter skin tones. This is another classic winter shade you need in your collection!

7. OPI A Little Guilt Under The Kilt

If you’re looking for the perfect holiday red nail color, then look no further. It’s the perfect red tone with a pearlescent finish.

8. Essie Roses Are Red

The most perfect red glitter nail color for winter. Add this on top of a red polish or wear by itself for an extra festive holiday nail.

10. Essie Berry Nice

This pink-red berry nail color is so stunning for winter. It’s got a little shimmer added to it which makes it perfect for all your holiday parties!

Brown & Black Winter Nail Colors

If you prefer dark winter nail colors, then these are perfect for you!

1. Essie Penny Talk

Essie’s Penny Talk is hands down one of the prettiest nail colors ever made. It’s not a traditional winter nail color, but it’s coppery shimmer is so stunning you just can’t pass it up.

2. OPI Heart & Coal

OPI’s Heart and Coal is a black polish with an pearl finish, plus some holographic glitter. If darker shades are more you thing, this is a must have for winter.

2. Essie hang Up The Heels

This deep, dark emerald green looks almost black in certain lights. It’s got a subtle pearlescent shimmer to it that makes it perfect for winter, holidays and Christmas.

5. Essie Wicked Fierce

Believe me when I say this is one of the prettiest and most unique winter nail colors of all time. The deep brown shade with a little holographic shimmer is so so stunning on all skin tones. It’s a must have for winter nails!

Silver & Gold Winter Nail Colors

Silver and gold just scream holidays to me! They’re the perfect winter nail colors for Christmas and New Years! So fun and festive and give a pop of glitz to your mani.

8. OPI Tinsel Tinsel Little Star

This gray-silver shade has micro-glitter so it’s gives a subtle shimmer without being chunky. It’s the perfect silver nail color for winter.

9. OPI The Gold Sleighs Me

If bright nails are your thing, you’ll love this bright yellow gold shade with a pearlescent finish. This is a pretty opaque color, so it’s a pretty bright finish. This gold looks best on darker skin tones.

10. OPI Silver On Ice

Looking for the perfect silver winter nail color? OPI silver on Ice is a bright, glimmering silver that’s perfect for winter end holidays.

12. Essie Good As Gold

This is more of a traditional champagne gold that has a subtle shimmer in it. It looks great on lighter skin tones.

13. Essie Summit of Style

This chunky gold glitter is the perfect gold nail color for winter and holidays.

Glitter Winter Nail Colors

Glitter nail colors are perfect for this winter! Add them on top of another color or wear by themselves. They’re great either way!

1. OPI Bling It On

2. OPI All A’twitter in Glitter

3. OPI Puttin’ on the Glitz

What Are Your Favorite Winter Nail Colors?

These nail colors for winter are all so pretty it’s hard to pick which one to go with! I can’t wait to see what the next OPI winter nail colors collection is like and I’ll be sure to add them here!

Be sure to check out my fall nail colors post for even more gorgeous nail colors!

What is the best nail color for winter? What nail colors are in for winter 2021? You can’t go wrong with any of these winter nail colors for 2021!

These winter nail colors for brown skin, winter nail colors for olive skin, glittery and matte colors are perfect for this 2021 winter.

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